Lost Ark: Art Of War Update Note

Lost Ark has just released an update regarding the content of “The Art of War.” This update mainly includes the introduction of new battle modes of 48V48, PVP and Realm vs Realm, as well as Lost Ark’s first Specialist class: Artist.

At the same time, Lost Ark did not forget to improve the quality of life of players in the game in this update. Plus, some side quests that the developers have tailored for new characters will make players want to try out Artist class even more.

Smilegate will bring the popular free-to-play MMORPG in Korea to West for the first time. They launched once Lost Ark, numerous players poured in, wanting to see what is unique about this game. It even broke the record for the highest number of simultaneous online players on Steam at the time.

Even though Lost Ark launched in the west a few years later than the original, the developers have been updating the content, classes, and systems of the original game at a steady pace, rather than abandoning them all. This also allows players to continue to progress in the game and have a new sense of experience.

Lost Ark March Update Brings Along the Artist Class

Although each update of this Lost Ark is based on the original, it is not completely intact. The developers have also made corresponding adjustments according to Western culture.

This update of “The Art of War” introduces the much-talked-about Artist class, but whether Artist class skin “fits Western norms,” has been a hotly debated issue among players.

Artist class is the most special one among all the classes in Lost Ark. Because this Artist class does not belong to any of the basic classes such as Assassin, Gunner, or Mage.

Artist class is the first Specialist class in Lost Ark. Strictly speaking, this Artist class is an auxiliary character. It can use the brush to summon any creature or item. It looks like a treasure chest.

Artist class as the first Specialist class in Lost Ark, but it won’t be the last either. Artist class has many skills, but the attack power is generally not high. The main ability of Artist class is to use the paintbrush to increase attack damage for oneself or teammates within the range, and become a high-quality auxiliary character.

Of course, this Artist class can also restore HP for itself and teammates, help teammates use the same skills to cause damage to the enemy, and also provide shield defense for teammates. So this is also a class specially designed for team battles. There are two different skins for this class, but it focused each skin on this goal.

In addition, PvPers also want to try a new way to perfect the skills of each character. With the arrival of Rowen, the region also needs a new faction to maintain political culture, and the new Tulubik Battlefield is a natural extension of this model.

In this mode, players must reach 1490 Item Level and Faction Rank of 3 before they are allowed to enter the place. Tulubik Battlefield will provide 96 players with a complete game field and all rewards during the regular game time frame.

But at other times, there will also be “Friend Matches” for 30-96 players. Both parties will strew the rewards for these competitions, and the rewards are naturally different.

Therefore, this way of playing will be very suitable for team battles.

Lost Ark March Patch Notes

As a highlight of this update, Tulubik Battlefield is not only special. It is also a large 48v48 PVP battle mode based on different factions. Players only need to reach Faction Rank of 3 in Rowen PvP battle to participate in Tulubik Battlefield and fight for their respective factions.

This is also very similar to World of Warcraft’s Alterac Valley section. Players continue to fight on this large battlefield to expand the occupation of their factions. As players advance in their respective factions, they can choose to unlock new faction skins by acquiring enough Lost Ark Gold to showcase their PvP prowess.

This update also includes some progression changes to the main quests, including Punika Powerpass. This update also allowed some players to quickly upgrade their character equipment to Item Level 1340, thereby skipping a lot of story content, just in time for the launch of Artist class.

According to the 2023 roadmap released by Lost Ark, players can understand that a more challenging new raid content will appear in April.

With the launch of Punika Powerpass. This time, a new Hyper Express Plus and Story Express will also be launched, and the promotion of all mission plots is for the upgrade of players’ character equipment.

In addition, this updated Ark Pass season event and daily login event provide players with rich rewards. Ark Pass season, players have two choices of free or premium level, all players can participate. The daily login event will be for those new players or old players who have been away from the game for more than a month.

There’s a lot going on in this update, though it doesn’t have much impact on the main quest line. But the developers have put a lot of effort into balancing changes to player classes or how Lost Ark Gold works, as well as some technical fixes. I also believe that the results of this update will not disappoint players. Come and try it out.

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