New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes! - Fireworks, Good Fixes & Brimstone Sands

I believe many players know the news of the recent New World patch 1.9.5 update. Here I will take you to detail the content of this update and my thoughts on it. Let’s start.

Patch Overview

This update, in addition to various bug fixes, now allows free access to Brimstone Sands for players of all levels. But there is still an insignificant problem. This bug affects the player’s first use of all emotes in the game.

But I’m not sure, they actually look cool, though maybe a little different issue. So let me show you the patch notes here, and then we’ll talk about it at the end.

As you’d expect from these patches. They started the downtime update on June 13th at 11pm PT and lasted for an hour. But depending on where in the world you are, standard rates and times apply.

New World: Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes

Firework Emote

The patch notes have some interesting stuff, and I’m really curious about what you guys think. The flip side is that the first part of this patch note feels like an ad that usually comes with updates. We see them adding new stuff to the store. But as we’re just scrolling through it, you’ll notice that this update adds a lot of different emotes.

These Emotes are all Fireworks based and have no problem at all for me. Therefore, the main content of this update is Fireworks. I mean you heard me right, they’re going to put Fireworks.

A single Firework costs up to 1000 Marks of Fortune, or you can get a pack of 10 Fireworks for 10000 Marks of Fortune. I mean, it’s literally the same thing, same price. It doesn’t matter if there is no discount. But they have several Fireworks, including:

  • Flower Firework Emote
  • Dynasty Firework Emote
  • Dryad Firework Emote
  • Ancient Firework Emote
  • Shooting Star Firework Emote

New World: Firework Emote

These Emotes are not individual, it is a whole Pack. This differs from getting 10 Fireworks directly. It’s actually a separate thing. You actually need to spend at least 25,000 Marks of Fortune for this.

But if you want to get all 5 Fireworks, there is still actually a discount. If you’re thinking about getting those Fireworks, I’m pretty sure there’s only one use for that. On top of that, you won’t be able to use it for free all the time, as you’ll still have to spend 1000 Marks of Fortune every time you use it. So these Fireworks are for really rich people who just want to show off.

I’m assuming so, because there’s no reason to get a pack of five if you’re only using it once. Even if you know people might like it. At the end of the day, it’s just a cosmetic thing. It doesn’t actually affect gameplay in any meaningful way that you know of.

Of course, if you’ve eliminated Fury of the Spriggan, throwing on some Fireworks to celebrate might make you happier. I kind of wish you could make it in a game, but I don’t really care.

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Unlock Brimstone Sands

Then there’s also the notable opening here of Brimstone Sands. Many players indicated that this was unlocked as far back as New World patch 1.9.4. But they’re only now starting to mention it. I guess better late than never. I’m glad they’re making this change, and to be honest, my concern with the game in the long run is that it puts too much emphasis on vertical stuff.

You have to do X before you can do Y before you can do Z. At some point, they have to make X and Y easier. Because everyone you know well and has passed. So no one is doing it, so these are design issues and challenges. The team will have to face the future, but ultimately open this up as an open area.

New World: How To Unlock Brimstone Sands?

Bug Fix

Then they also made fixes for some of these noteworthy issues. First, they fixed a very controversial issue that at least caused Leyson Reese not to appear in the designated location, thus blocking MSQ process.

Second, there was also an issue that resulted in Yonas not appearing on players who had not completed Ritual Quest prior to the release of Brimstone Sands has also been successfully fixed.

They also fixed an issue with Yonas’ idle animation, that would often trigger incorrect tool animations. Also, a bug that was very disruptive to gameplay has been fixed, which often prevented players from exchanging Fury of the Spriggan gear for New World Coins.

They also fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing Season Tasks related to non-repeatable quests. They fixed an issue that was preventing players from previewing Gryphon Item skins. As well as they fixed an issue that caused players to no longer see their character when switching screens on the main menu.

New World: Bug Fix Patch

Final Thoughts

So aside from the fact that they added these Fireworks, it doesn’t look like a big patch this time around. We’re getting a lot of cool Firework Emotes from this update patch. Although many people don’t like these Fireworks, but it may be a nice decoration, if you don’t mind that it is a onetime use.

Finally, according to the devs, at least Season 1 will roughly end here for the next 22 days, so we’re ready to go into Season 2 anytime.

Needless to say, I’m eagerly awaiting more expansion packs, news and information. Plus, there’s some cool stuff rolling out to PTR this week, so we’ll keep testing it to keep you guys updated with all the latest short patch notes.

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