3 Best Flicker Strike Builds In Path Of Exile 3.21 Crucible

Many players are curious which is the best Flicker Strike build in Path Of Exile. So here, we’ll pick three builds for this particular theme and analyze them in terms of their respective skills and strengths and weaknesses.

Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider

The first Flicker build is my personal favorite, Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider with Ranger class. This is a building where you can have it all. It can easily reach 10 million+ DPS. It’s a super tank, super fast as you can see in the game.

On the plus side of this build, I think it’s one of the most balanced builds I’ve played. It has super speed, damage and survivability. It also has satisfying blast gameplay.

Now listing the cons, I would say this build is not cheap. You’ll need some mandatory unique items that will cost more than one Divine Orb. There is also the problem that you need to control your character. Like with bosses like Queen Atziri and The Shaper, you need to know which clone to attack and keep an eye on your position.

Path Of Exile 3.21: Nightblade Flicker Strike Raider

Considering the budget, you’ll need at least six Divine Orbs to group them together. Luckily, you can get all the gear you need for this build through POE Currency.

Additionally, this build requires three mandatory unique items. First is Farrul’s Fur Body Armor, which ensures you always have a full Frenzy Charge on hand.

Next we also need a Yoke of Suffering Amulet, which makes all of our elemental damage stun enemies. Make them suffer more damage from all aspects. Finally, we need to turn the tank into a damage Perseverance Belt. It adds 1% damage for every 200 points of Armor and the lowest value between Evasion.

It also has a lot of boss damage. Especially when you can use Berserk skill. But this attack also does less damage to Pinnacle boss when it’s harder for us to accumulate rage.

This build has almost 200 000 effective health. Because it has High Armor, High Evasion, 100% Spell Suppression over 30% chance to block and high chance to avoid Elemental Ailments. I only pointed it out because of its low health regen and easy poisoning.

Infernal Flicker Strike Ascendant

Next up is Purity of Fire, which can also Freeze and Shock enemies. It is an Infernal Flicker Strike Ascendant with Scion class. This build is using their unique sword Oro’s Sacrifice to maintain Frenzy Charges you need to keep Flickering.

When it comes to the strengths of this build, its clearing speed must be on the list. Flicker is incredibly fast and super cool to play. This build also has amazing boss damage and high survivability.

Now to list the cons, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are always in proximity to enemies, which puts you in a weak position. Another problem is that you have little control over your character, which makes it difficult to watch your position or attack the right enemy bosses.

Path Of Exile 3.21: Infernal Flicker Strike Ascendant

As for the budget, you can get an early endgame map and progress to the Yellow Map for only about 90 Chaos. I suggest that you can invest about 120 Chaos to complete your Atlas.

This build requires three mandatory unique items. The first and foremost is Oro’s Sacrifice, which lets you keep your Frenzy Charges alive at all times, even while Flickering.

Next we also need a Call of the Void Ring, which cools your attacks and smashes enemies. Lastly, we also need a Yoke of Suffering Amulet, which will cause all your damage to stun enemies, causing them to take more damage.

Like any other Flicker Strike, this build is also very fast. This build achieves high DPS, capable of destroying even the biggest bosses in mere seconds.

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Flicker Strike Slayer

Finally, we have the classic and destructive Flicker Strike Slayer of Duelist class. This build is done by using Terminus Est to maintain Frenzy Charges you need to keep Flickering. For starters, here’s a great and simple build of Flicker Strike.

Talking about the advantages of the build, it actually has the same advantages as other Flicker builds. It’s surprisingly fast and has great boss damage. It now also has instant Life Leech for increased survivability.

Path Of Exile 3.21: Flicker Strike Slayer

Now to list the cons, I have to say that you are always very close to the enemy, which puts you in a weak position. Another problem is that you need to have a little control over your own character, which makes it difficult to watch your position or attack the correct enemy bosses.

As for Budget, you get a destructive early endgame map that requires around 90 Chaos and easily advances to Yellow Maps. I suggest you can invest around 120 Chaos and easily complete your Atlas.

For this build, you only need a mandatory unique item. Of course, keep your Frenzy Charges on your Terminus Est sword at all times, even when Flickering. It’s so easy to kill a boss like this.

That’s it, the above is what I consider the three best Flicker Strike builds in Path Of Exile. Which is your favourite? Please let me know what you think. Hope you have fun.

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