How To Create A Powerful Endgame Support Barque Build In Skull And Bones Season 1? - Perk, Weapon, Furniture & Armor

With the arrival of Skull and Bones Season 1, a brand new ship will appear in Smuggler’s Pass after completing a total of 45 tracks, and this is Barque Ship. You’ll then get the blueprint to craft it and add it to your fleet.

This new ship is exceptional and adds a much-needed support character to the medium-sized ships in the game. There’s a lot you can do with this ship considering how universal its benefits are, but in this guide, I want to talk about how to build a Healer Barque Build.

As a therapy ship, that’s primarily what it was designed for. If you’re in a group doing plunder or Elite Warships, there’s a lot you can do to keep your teammates in the fight longer and make high-level plunder easier. So let’s get started.

How To Create A Powerful Endgame Support Barque Build In Skull And Bones Season 1? - Perk, Weapon, Furniture & Armor

How To Get A Barque Ship Blueprint?

The newest support ship currently available from Skull and Bones, Barque, packs a ton of healing power to keep you and your allies afloat in battle. However, it is difficult to obtain it, so we will first show you how to add it to your fleet in the game.

You can only obtain Barque by completing Smuggler’s Pass in Season 1. Thankfully, it’s free, so you don’t have to buy the premium version.

It does take a lot of work to get, though. You need 45 Smuggler’s Marks, which you can earn by raising your Infamy and completing challenges. Unlock any 45 rewards in Smuggler’s Pass, a milestone that will give you Barque Ship Blueprint, as well as the ship’s full cosmetic set.

How to get the Barque ship in Skull and Bones?

Revitalized Perk

Next, let’s talk about this ship’s big perk, Revitalized. Barque restores 0.5% of Severe Damage and Hull Health to all nearby allies every second.

This is an incredible perk. Not only does it provide great self-sustainability for your own ship, but when nearby plunder or Elite Warships are active within a range of 300 meters, this allows you to provide consistent passive healing to everyone around you.

If that’s not enough, the ship can also use Skull and Bones Items to provide Stamina, Severe Damage, and additional healing bonuses. This means you can use Barque as a damage ship with a self-healing bonus, giving you good sustain.

But I wanted to make it a repair ship that could be deployed in a team environment to benefit the team even more. So, doing this, I used a Repair Bombard III on both the bow and stern. The powerful AoE splash damage makes it super reliable and more beneficial than Repair Long Gun and can affect multiple ships within its radius.

And they also have a shorter reload time, and with the extra bonuses from the ship’s extra perk and the furniture that we’ll talk about later, you can get really solid bursts of healing out of it.

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Now there are a few ways you can build the rest of your weapon slots. In theory, we just need to put more repair weapons on the port and starboard sides and do nothing but heal.

However, I decided to take a more flexible approach and place two Dardanelles Guns on either side to give the ship some damage output if no one in the team needed healing. This way, you can contribute to the attack instead of being a sitting doctor doing nothing.

And thanks to the gear score of Dardanelles Gun, this has the bonus of allowing Barque to reach level 12.

Finally, of course, there’s Repair Mortar III, which will give you a massive high-level treatment of an area. Considering its range, it works well for teammates who are further away from you. Moreover, the healing effect of Repair weapons is considerable, and it is the key to this ship.

Skull and Bones: Best Weapons and Ship Loadout


Now, with furniture, there’s a lot you can do here. Because I want to harness the power of healing as much as possible, I will make First Aid Station my Major Furniture.

This increases the healing of your repair weapons by an additional 30% when your teammate’s overall health is below 33%. This provides a great boost to key treatments. It makes sense to me, considering that’s what we’re after.

Skull And Bones: First Aid Station

Secondly, Joinery Workshop I also make sense, as it again provides an additional 10% healing for your repair weapons. Therefore, the healing power of our repair weapons is amazing.

Also, I added Bombard Powderhouse I and Mortar Powderhouse I to increase the area of effect of repair weapons. After testing, we found that this does change the width of your Mortar’s radius. Also, this is useful when landing repair shots on moving allies from a distance.

The rest of the slots are more flexible, but I decided to use Lightened Mast I for now to increase acceleration to help me find teammates faster. It also helps me avoid enemy Mortars if I camp somewhere and focus on healing.


Finally, there’s Black Prince Armor, largely because of it I got to level 12, which is key.

Black Prince is one of the best hull armors in Skull and Bones. It has protection against Ablaze, Piercing, and Explosive damage, which is very comprehensive.

How to get the Black Prince armor in Skull and Bones?

Players can also rely on it to increase the health level of their ship through its additional Resolute perk. When a ship’s health drops below 33%, Resolute activates and reduces damage by 50%. They will take more hits when attacking warships and plunder settlements and forts.

That’s pretty much it. I had a lot of fun using the ship in a healing role, group plunder, and against enemies. There’s a lot you can do with Barque, so I’d love to hear your build ideas. Good luck!

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