Wild Hearts Reviews: How Was It?

More often than not, you can tell at a glance that Wild Hearts is similar to Capcom's Monster Hunter series of games. Both games are about players working together or individually to find and defeat monsters in a large open field. Players can obtain different accessories by defeating different monsters to craft better weapons and armor.

Omega Force studied the genre closely in Toukiden series before developing this game. These two games also happen to represent Capcom's best sellers in addition to, however, the poster child for the monster hunting genre.

Wild Hearts is not just a simple copy of Omega Force. The many familiar elements contained in the game, as well as the unique game identity created by Karakuri system, allow Wild Hearts to be quickly distinguished from its games of the same series by players.

In the Wild Hearts novels, Karakuri is just an ancient technique conjured up out of thin air by hunters. With this technology in action, it can be used as a fast-paced production system. Whether the player is in combat or not, it quickly opens up your available options and listens to a variety of different functions.

When you start with Basic Karakuri, you start by crafting a wooden box that will bounce you into the air when you climb up to the appropriate height. You can only stack up to three of these crates at a time. This is a technique that will come in handy as you explore space.

Wild Hearts Reviews

But it's another feature that really comes into play when players battle the various monsters in Wild Hearts, like the Kemono. When you're using these crates to jump and transition through blows, or use the height you get from bouncing to avoid area-of-effect attacks that spew pools of lava or poisonous clouds.

Whether it's as a springboard to dodge when the player is attacked, quickly jumping towards Kemono, or as a Springboard that allows the player to pass through gaps in large obstacles and kill monsters right on top of them. Most Karakuri have both functions.

Stacking these Karakuri is quick and easy, so you can quickly put as many pieces of equipment as you need into each battle.

Building wooden boxes and jumping to avoid danger in thrilling battles will become second nature to players. Doing this is as important as knowing how to choose the best weapon for you in each battle.

After that, you can also unlock various Fusion Karakuri, which can be used to form different combinations of Basic Karakuri to create more sophisticated devices.

For example, players can stack nine wooden boxes in three rows to form a solid barrier to block sudden incoming ejections or Kemono's tracks. You can also kill monsters in the air by summoning Gigantic Bouncing Hammers, Powerful Bombs, and Blinding Firework Cannons.

Obtaining a huge monster through a device created out of thin air is undoubtedly a huge advantage for players. However, the existence of various tools did not weaken the tense atmosphere in the game.

Every player needs to use Celestial Thread to build the device. If you run out, you can also get it by other means, such as cutting down trees or finding rocks, and extracting it by killing Kemono. These conditions also require you to think carefully and have a sense of strategic thinking when using Karakuri.

However, it also encourages you to work with others, pooling everyone's resources and building a larger wall to protect your teammates. Anyone can use this fence to carry out airstrikes, or to help others continue their activities when they run out of Celestial Thread.

Co-op play can be used in many ways, whether you're just throwing in a few friends at a party and it's possible to keep going. You also have the chance to revive each other, which makes Wild Hearts'multiplayer more accessible than Monster Hunters.

You can join fellow hunters by searching for active hunting sessions, or create a hunting session of your own, which makes it easier to cross-group with others.

If you're playing the entirety of Wild Hearts alone, the game's difficulty will climb dramatically. The first is Kemono known as Deathstalker. It is difficult for players to harm it.

Only by carefully observing its strengths and weaknesses, finding and killing other monsters, and upgrading and making its own weapons and equipment can it defeat this monster.

Of course, if you want to quickly upgrade to obtain these weapons and equipment, you can also choose to obtain Wild Hearts Gold to quickly upgrade and improve the game experience.

But if you can get the help of other players, it will be completely different, and it may be easy to kill monsters. If you don't like to play games with other people, you will probably be put off by the sudden difficulty.

Wild Hearts Tips

Therefore, it is difficult to recommend Wild Hearts to players who like to play the game alone. However, this is also one of the charms of cooperative games. It's more cooperative than other monster hunting games.

When you're not building Magical Gizmos to help you hunt, you can also randomly choose one of eight weapons to help you deal damage to monsters.

These weapons range from the Katana to Hefty Maul to the hand cannon, each with its own stats, including different weapon specs that allow you to deal damage to monsters when certain requirements are met.

For example, when you use a samurai sword to attack a monster, a meter will appear, and only when it is filled can the Unbound mode be triggered to quickly damage the enemy.

At the same time, Karakuri Staff can also change into five different forms, including a staff, polearm, shuriken, double blades, and the building-sized juggernaut blade. And Bladed Wagasa is an umbrella that can be used for air strikes.

No matter which weapon you use, the character action in Wild Hearts will always thrill you. The weight of each weapon swing, the quick counterattack and escape from danger, all make the player feel like they are there.

Killing monsters certainly feels exciting, but the accompanying orchestral music adds a spooky vibe that also helps keep players in awe of each battle.

Plus, there's a lock-on system that's handy for targeting enemy bodies, but the system has a bit of a lag and often lets monsters flee because obstacles block the line of sight, which is more annoying than anything.

Wild Hearts is set in the fictional region of Azuma, an idea that comes from thinking about feudal times. Each location has its own unique style. Some of the beauty was worth seeing, but most were let down by low resolution and blur early on. Even though Wild Hearts looks great, performance-wise, it's pretty average.

Unfortunately, if PC settings do not meet or exceed the system recommendations, the player's game screen will often freeze during the entire game.

This situation is difficult to ease even by lowering the graphics settings, because it has almost the same picture performance at the highest and lowest settings.

Omega Force said that these problems have begun to improve and fix, so they hope these problems will become a thing of the past as soon as possible.

The core of Wild Hearts game doesn't stray too far from the theme of Monster Hunter series, but it's still surprising that the central mechanics around which the entire game revolves are still original.

Karakuri system enhances every part of Wild Hearts, including combat, co-op, airstrikes, and more. Some technical shortcomings hinder his development, but Wild Hearts is still a popular game and continues to enrich the genre.

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