WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Argent Tournament

Do you want a way to remotely access your bank at any time of the day? Do you want a unique and visually stunning map? This is something no one else in the game has.

Sunreaver & Silver Covenant

As we enter Phase 3, Argent Tournament 3.0 update makes it the place to be with new quest rewards and vendors. I’ve got all the information you need about Phase 3 Argent Tournament’s massive new update.

First, there are the new Sunreavers or Silver Covenant Agent NPCs, depending on your faction. These NPCs will be added to your daily quests. These NPCs include new quest givers and a vendor who will trade you for brand new rewards.

WOTLK Classic: Update coming to the Argent Tournament

Shimmering Wyrmling Pet & Argent Warhorse

These rewards include two new maps for Sunreaver and two new maps for Silver Covenant, each with 100 and 150 Champion’s Seal. There’s also Shimmering Wyrmling Pet, which is visually stunning.

But that’s just the beginning of the new rewards, as there’s a new NPC in Trial of the Crusader 10-man just west of Argent Tournament. Nikki will only talk to you if you are Exalted Champion of Alliance and Horde.

She has brand new Argent Warhorse, worth 100 Seals. These also pair perfectly with the new Argent Crusader’s Banner.

There’s also the new Tabard of Argent Crusade, which teleports you to Crusader every 30 minutes. It costs 50 Seal and is a moderately useful change.

You can get all PVE Heirlooms from Squire David and Nikki. But the really exciting item is still Argent Pony Bridle. This is a direct upgrade to your Argent Squire or your Argent Gruntling, and it costs 150 Seal.

It gives you the option of a four-hour cooldown. You can access the supplier’s bank or mailbox, which is the only way for non-engineers to remotely access the bank.

WOTLK Classic: Argent Tournament Guide

How To Access These NPCs?

So you might be wondering how to access these new NPCs to access Sunreaver or Silver Covenant vendors. You just need to get promoted in their faction. You must also support at least one other city. This means you’ve completed five days of daily quests and earned 25 Valiant’s Seals.

If you want to visit the new NPC that trades Argent Pony Bridle and Heirlooms. You must be the honorable champion of your faction. This means you’ll have to earn Argent Tournament in each city by completing basic Daily until you’ve earned 25 Valiant’s Seals in each city.

But that’s not the case, you have to earn enough Reputation in each major Classic city to get all the dropped WOTLK Classic Gold rewards. And the best way to maximize your city rewards is to turn Runecloth and Leatrix Plus. It can automate the entire process or speed up an add-on. The problem is that Runecloth is too expensive.

So, right now I’ve been turning to early game quests for Reputation as well. Argent Tournament's daily quest is also a must as you get Champion Rises. Each mission has 500 Reputation points.

I’ve suggested looking for Champion’s Purse in the past, but Bogling Root has to be less than seven silver for Champion’s Purse to be any better. Unfortunately, Faerlina costs over 20 silver on my server.

So now we have access to all new suppliers. But can we also get Champion’s Seal for rewards like before doing Arjun? Argent Tournament Daily Quests are still the best way to earn Champion’s Seal. But the good news is that they’ve added a ton of new Daily Quests, and they’re much easier than the old ones.

WOTLK Classic: The Sunreavers Reputation

New Daily Quests

I’ve compiled everything in my full Argent Tournament 3.0 cheat sheet, refer to that if you need any more hints on the map or each quest for an in-depth exploration of the brand new Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Daily Quests.

These Daily Quests each provide a Champion’s Seal. So they are always worth doing. Narasi Snowdawn provides two quests per day.

One of these quests is required to find Reckless. He’s near Doctor Kohler, west of Argent Tournament camp. You just have to kill the call test nearby to get the key. You can open the four cages and unlock Cole’s cage above.

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The second quest is one of four options. One option is A Leg Up, where you need to get tall Nexus-Strider Legwraps all over Hrothgar’s Landing. The island is just north of Argent Tournament, where most of your day-to-day work will take place.

Back in the quest you can also get a random quest rescue at sea, you just have to go north to your faction ship and kill Berserkers and Harpooners. If your faction votes too crowded, you can fight on the opposite faction’s ship. But you will attract extra mobs.

Another option is to fly to Light’s Mercy and find Harggan. Then click Prayerbook on the villager in this alley. If you’re tired of putting random items on your hotbar, My Macros and Cheat Sheets combine all items into one slot.

Then the fourth Daily Quests option is Stop The Aggressors. This is a peaceful island 10 Cavalry kill mission. There is also an NPC that offers Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Daily Quests.

WOTLK Classic: Argent Tournament Daily Quests

Sylvanas Windrunner and Tylos Dawnrunner will randomly offer one of three daily quests. First Goramosh wants Snowball, this quest sends you to K3 to net Snowball. I have a great Macro that you can spam.

Another option is Breakfast Of Champions, and the quest requires you to use Earthshaker Drum near Dirt Mound, north of Brunnhildar Village.

Another quest is to acquire Kraken. This is a bombing mission, and you can start by simply riding Hippogryph outside the western tent. Wait until you get close to Kraken and spam your Macros to do this quickly.

These new big changes to Argent Tournament are great. So please look forward to the upcoming new content. I believe we will not be disappointed.

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