Diablo 4: 5 Tips For Beating Ashava During Server Slam!

As we all know, Diablo 4 Server Slam is coming this weekend. Players here have a chance to win a Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. You can actually use it when the game starts up.

Here I want to give you some tips on how you can beat Ashava, which seems to be a very dangerous boss in Diablo 4, because Harvard actually manages to beat 95 players every time.

Server Slam Info

Compared with the previous beta version of Server Slam this time, some spells and weapons have been weakened, such as Lightning and Sword. And we’re also limited to level 20 instead of 25.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Info

But Ashava itself doesn’t actually shrink, it itself has a minimum level of 25. So that means whatever you are underpowered against Ashava. If you still want to get Mount Trophy, then you’re going to have to try harder.

I see that many of you have seen or heard about me nearly soloing Ashava in the open beta when I was here playing my Poison Rapid Fire Rogue, which literally no one else could do on Veteran Hardcore arrive.

General Boss Tips

Now the good news is you don’t have to do it on Hardcore. You can actually do it under World Tier 1. Though I’d also like to give you some hints on how to actually avoid the mechanics of the encounter.

Because healing is usually limited unless you bring some healing yourself, like Blood Howl or Shouts from Barbarians. You don’t really get a lot of healing potions, and basically every ability can hit you with almost one shot.

General Boss Tips

Ashava usually does a lot of poison damage if you don’t prepare potions. So you tend to take Diablo 4 Gold to get some items that have poison resistance or something that lets you roll anywhere. It can be really helpful, even Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance.

Ashava encounters are usually scripted. In my opinion, there are five special moves that you have to pay attention to avoid, because they deal with serious damage.

Ability 1 - Jump

The first is the jump here. You can see Ashava sometimes just randomly jump in a certain direction. It does target specific players or whatever. But as far as I can tell, this jump actually does quite a bit of impact damage.

So if you see the jump animation where Ashava leans back. Then it basically jumps like a frog animation, and you have to escape to that landing spot that you know you can teleport out of.

Diablo 4 Ability 1 - Jump

Ability 2 - 360 Degree Swing

Then keep skipping to the next one. We have 360 Degree Swing and you can see that in this animation. Where Java first raises her left arm to her own right, she continues to do this full circle animation with her left arm, followed by the right arm.

From a different angle, he’s the same slow motion, and you can see it’s the exact same animation. It’s always left arm forward, which allows you to actually get to safety very early and easily.

The only thing you have to do to really avoid this animation is to stand directly underneath her. Of course, if you’re a ranged character, then you can override that too. But I think many people underestimate the actual range, like the radius of this attack. It hits the whole screen. So be aware that the range of this attack is actually very far.

Diablo 4 Ability 2 - 360 Degree Swing

Ability 3 - Double Ground Slam & Slice

But we have this Double Ground Slam. This animation slices backwards, which is also a very dangerous run, but relatively easy to avoid. It has a fairly small radius, so you can easily avoid it if you’re already in range.

But if you’re a meta character, you can also try standing in the middle of Ashava so you don’t get hit by it. If you happen to stand halfway between the two arms as they slide back, you won’t get hit. But if you sidestep a bit too much, then you can get hit and get the very nasty poison debuff.

So you have to be aware of that. It’s safer to avoid it like you would a boss. However, if you are confident that you can stay precisely in the center, then you are safe.

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Ability 4 - Bite

But sometimes, especially as a meta character, you can try to stand in the middle quarter. But this one is actually dangerous too. It does a lot of damage and also gives you that nasty poison debuff.

Usually before Ashava attacks, she likes to at least get a little closer to the target, trying to bite in many ranges. Sometimes she can do this multiple times in a row. So even next to the steps, we may have to avoid it again. But we’re also just a few steps away to keep you safe.

Diablo 4 Ability 4 - Bite

You just need to know that this is a fast animation, and when Ashava isn’t doing anything else and he’s following you, you have to be on your toes.

Ability 5 - Poison Spit

Finally, Poison Spit is also a very dangerous skill. And it’s fast, and relatively hard to dodge. So you always want to be aware of this, even within the safe limits. Not only can he bite me behind me, but he can also shoot the player at the target location. Most of the other abilities are random, but here she is definitely player-specific.


There are also some other minor threats in this fight, such as Ground Slam or poison puddles on the ground. I think they’re pretty self-explanatory, so I’m mostly highlighting one of the more impactful abilities.

Hope this helps you to challenge Ashava in Server Slam. I also wish you early access to Mount Trophy. Good luck.

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