Honkai Star Rail: Everything The Rookie Player Needs To Know To Create Pela Build!

I am here today bringing you my guide on Pela. I’ll be going over her Traces, Talent, Technique, Eidolons, recommended Light Cones, Relics and Team Compositions. I’m going to make all of my character guides as concise but detailed as possible.


Frost Shot is Pela’s basic attack. It deals with ice damage equal to the amount of Pela’s attack, Frostbite. It deals with ice damage equal to the amount of her attack. But also it’ll dispel a buff from an enemy. It does solid damage and having the ability to clear a buff from an enemy.

Zone Suppression is her ultimate. It dishes out ice damage equal to the amount of Pela’s attack on all enemies. With a base chance to 100% to inflict exposed. Exposed is a defense reduction de-buff. Those enemies will have their defense reduced by an amount for up to 2 turns.

Her ultimate is incredible. One of the best in the game. These defense shred it provides is amazing. Defeating bosses becomes much easier.

Honkai Star Rail: Pela Build

Data Collecting is her talent. It she inflicts a de-buff on an enemy. She’ll replenish the amount of energy. This is only once per attack. Also, she still makes the best of her talent as well. Due to the fact that upon weakness break, she also applies freeze, which is a de-buff itself.

Preemptive Strike is her technique. When entering a battle, Pela automatically deals ice damage equal to 80% of her attack to a random enemy. Also, it has a 100% base chance of lowering the defense of all enemies by 20% for up to 2 turns.

Essentially, it’s just a pre-applied defense shred on enemies. Cause right off the bat in a battle you’ll be doing much more damage.

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She will now dish out 20% more damage to de-buffed enemies. This is really good because it applies to any de-buff. Not just only her defense reduction de-buff. You basically get a free boost to her damage.

When Pela is on the field, it’ll boost all party members’ effect hit rate by 10%. This one is great because effect hit rate determines how likely it is for you to apply a de-buff on an enemy. It supports her ultimate de-buff, as it makes it a bit more consistent against challenging enemies.

Using her skill to dispel a buff will increase the damage of her next attack by 20%. This is solid because it applies to all her attacks. Definitely nice if her ultimate is the next attack on, as it’ll have a nice little boost for it.


Pela’s Eidolons are mostly all quality of life ones. I’ll be skipping over her E3 and E5 as they only add levels to her skills, respectively.

E1: Victory Report. Upon Pela defeating an enemy, she’ll replenish 5 energy. It’s nice since it helps with getting her ultimate up quicker.

E2: Adamant Charge. If you use her skill and it dispels or clears a buff. It’ll boost her speed by 10% for up to 2 turns. It enables your character to perform more actions sooner.

Honkai Star Rail: Traces and Eidolon

E4: Full Analysis. Upon performing her skill, there is a 100% base chance to reduce the targeted enemy’s ice resistance by 12% for up to 2 turns. It’ll make her output more damage but also to other potential ice units in your squad.

E6: Feeble Pursuit. When Pela attacks a de-buffed enemy, she’ll dish out additional ice damage equal to 40% of her attack to the enemy.

Light Cones

Pela is of Nihility path. There is currently only one 5 star light cone on release for this path, In The Name of the World. This will increase her damage to de-buffed enemies. Upon Pela using her skill, her effect hit rate for that attack increases by amount. Enemies will also be de-buffed by her ultimate, so she does even more damage. All around this is nice for Pela, though I don’t believe it’s her best overall.

Honkai Star Rail: Pela Build Best Light Cone & Relic

For every de-buff, an enemy has the overall damage done by her will be increased by amount. This also stacks up to 3 times. This is her best in my opinion because if an enemy has 3 de-buffs applied. With this Light Cone at superimposition 1. It’s an overall boost to her damage dealt by 36%.

It also stacks with her own defense reduction from her ultimate since it is its own damage multiplier. Eyes of the Prey will increase her effect hit rate and also her damage of time damage. Great as well, especially for the effect hit rate it provides.

Relics & Stats Recommendations

Now Honkai Star Rail is relatively new, so relics at this time are limited. Things can change in the future. But my recommended relic set for her is 4 piece set of Thief of Shooting Meteor. It’ll increase her break effect by 32% overall and also upon inflicting weakness break on an enemy. She’ll replenish 3 energy.

Honkai Star Rail: Relics & Stats Recommendations

Musketeer of Wild Wheat is an all around solid general set for her. She’ll make use of both the attack boosts and also the speed.

Brief Team Composition Explanation

I’d say for team compositions. I recommended having teams that definitely have a hyper carry. Her kit improves upon the damage of your DPS units. Though you can tweak this around as not everyone will have the same or all units.

For F2P, I recommend Natasha, Pela, Fire Trailblazer and Dan Heng. For other line ups, I’d say: Healer, Buffer, Pela, DPS/AOE DPS. The thing about team compositions right now is that HSR is relatively new. So I’m a bit hesitant to recommend teams for a certain character.

I never want to deter someone from playing a character they might like. Like Hook or Qingque. I know a lot of people love them and will always have them on their team. So this is why I also state things with the word recommended.

Honkai Star Rail: Brief Team Composition Explanation

Final Thoughts

What she provides in a defense shred is quite valuable in my opinion. Even at base with no Eidolons, I believe she is a powerful unit.

She provides significant benefits through her support capabilities overall. I recommend leveling her up. She can definitely ease a lot of content you may be struggling with.

I’ve been loving creating all these guides on all these characters. If you also like Pela and want to try this build, you might as well get a new Honkai: Star Rail Account to experience it, I believe it will bring you an amazing gaming experience.

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