How To Build An Unkillable Beast In POE 3.21? - Molten Strike Pathfinder

My first Vengeant Cascade builds in this POE 3.21 League and it’s a pretty funny interaction with that many projectiles.

The Skill Itself

My skill of choice is Molten Strike. When you hit an enemy, it will spawn magma balls, and all the balls can hit the same target if slowing down the projectile speed.

We scaling the projectile numbers up to eleven. We adding to the mix poison with a specific weapon that has this line “all hits with this weapon can poison” and you need 100% poison chance.

Of course, we using the new Vengeant Cascade to make all the projectiles return to us. We can use 3 curses in our build because my favourite unique Anathema.

PoE 3.21: Chaos Crit Molten Strike Pathfinder Guide

How We Scaling Damage?

Every character can have 3 Power Charges, so our curse limit is three. We using poison as the primary source of damage. We can use Despair to lower the enemy Chaos Resistance and Temporal Chains, for our poison last longer on the enemies.

And you know me, my choice for the 3rd curse is a defensive curse Enfeeble, which is reducing the damage the enemy deal to us. We can reserve all of our mana because using Eldritch Battery is protecting the mana instead of life. This is the reason why we have to use energy shield and evasion bases.

So we can have more Energy Shield to use our ability. We can use a Divine Blessing Support for additional Aura and that Aura is Malevolence and we swap to haste for mapping.

And because of that, we can use this skill on the left click Vaal Haste, which will activate itself if you are moving around. This is a poison build, so when you opening POB you will see the damage numbers. But we need to ramp up to that point so you will not deal instantly with that much damage.

POE 3.21: Eldritch Battery

How The Mapping Feels Like?

Around 6 second we will start deal the maximum damage out put. Because of that, we can use a Totem Ancestral Protector that give use more attack speed so we can stack Poison Wither faster and ramp faster.

The mapping is feels really fast and satisfying. We can use Haste for mapping alone, because you will run faster and the build has really high Flask effectiveness. So we zooming around more than 100% extra movement speed.

When you start attacking a group, you spawn at least 30 projectiles and because we using the new attack wheel and Mastery Non-Vaal Strike skills target additional enemy.

Because of that, you don’t need to use Ancestral Call or extra Strike Gloves. But you can fit in if you really want to. All the projectiles that we created will return to us, making a funny interaction with that many projectiles.

Also, because we are taking Pathfinder as our Ascendancy class and using Master Toxicist. We have Poison Proliferation which will start spread the poison, if our target dies and in mapping there is a ton of enemy that dies at the same time.

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Let’s start with my favourite part. We have Elemental Ailments Immunity. You also get a ton of Elemental Resistance, so we don’t have to worry about Resistance Cap.

The other best thing about this build we almost converting all the physical damage taken to elemental damage. We could have more, but we need a Mana reservation from Eater of Worlds Mods.

Because we take that much damage as elemental. So we can use all the elemental damage reduction Flask Ruby, Topaz Flask, the unique Sapphire Flask and Taste of Hate. So we reducing the damage we take from the physical that we converting to elemental damage.

POE 3.21: Poison Molten Strike Pathfinder Comparing

High Recovery

From our Life Flask, we get almost 2k Life Regeneration alone and that is up all the time. Because we playing as a Pathfinder, we have permanent Flask uptime.


Few important things you need in the build. Because we using Eldritch Battery. so we need every possible Energy Shield that we can get, so you have to use Evasion and Energy Shield bases on your gloves, boots and helmet.

I used Shrieking Essence of Anger for the crafting. Shield is important, you need maximum resistance from your Shield and Life. You can also get this shield by using POE Currency.

In these Amulets, I only got attributes and life. Because the build doesn’t need anything else. Also, I anointed Vengeant Cascade, Lightning Coil and Anathema’s unique ring.

Because we using Eldritch Battery, we spending Energy Shield as “mana,” so we need every possible Energy Shield that we can get. So you have to use Evasion and Energy Shield bases on your gloves, boots and helmet.


We use POE Crucible Items like Divine Life Flask, Ruby Flask, Topaz Flask, Unique Sapphire Flask, and Taste of Hate. On your Life Flask Regenerate 3% of life per second. You can get all of this mod from the betray mechanic when unveiling Flasks.

POE 3.21: Flask

Gems And Links

Gem and Gem Links starting with the crucial link in our body armour. Our curse setup in our gloves. Including Despair, Enfeeble, Temporal Chains, Arcanist Brand.

We applying these 3 curse with Arcanist Brand. You can also use Haste while mapping instead of Malevolence. But don’t forget to switch back when you are fighting against harder bosses.


I hope you like this content about Molten Strike Pathfinder. In addition, I also want to see your feedback, welcome to discuss in the community. Wish you a happy life.

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