A Complete Guide To Creat Spark Inquisitor Build In Path Of Exile 3.21 Crucible

Today, I will share with you another build in Path Of Exile, Spark Inquisitor.

This is a very solid build, as it has many layers of defense. Includes 90% Max Resistance, Spell Suppression, Ailment Immunity, Max Block with Glancing Blows, 4 Endurance Charges, some Physical Damage as Elemental Damage, some Armor, some Restoration, while also having decent damage output.

PoE 3.21: Spark inquisitor

Spark Inquisitor’s Defense Layers

So, let’s start talking about defense first. We are using Aegis Aurora and Crucible Trees which will give you maximum Cold Resistance.

We want to be able to stack as much maximum Cold Resistance as possible, since we’re using Melding of the Flesh. This makes your elemental resistance cast limited by your highest max elemental resistance, which is still cold damage in this case.

We get a bunch of maximum Cold Resistance from Shield and Purity of Ice. If you can get your Purity of Ice to level 23, this gives you an additional 5% maximum Cold Resistance buff.

If you are currently at a lower level, you only get the 4% maximum Cold Resistance buff. At the same time, you also get some Aura Effect so you can utilize Arrogance Support to use Purity of Ice for your health regen. Plus, it increases your Aura Effect by 25%.

You can get Aura Effect from body armor with Eldritch Implicit. We also get some spells from passive skill trees and anoint. While all Mana Reservation nodes have some Aura Effect, you even get some extra Intuitive Leap. This is how we get 90% Max Resistance.

PoE 3.21: Spark Inquisitor’s Defense Layers

How To Improve Equipment Resistance?

If you also want to increase Resistance of your equipment, you can use Melding of the Flesh, which will increase your Resistance by 70%-80%. Or you can use Thread of Hope, which also gives you a certain amount of Resistance. You only need 1 Divine Orb to make it re-roll.

We also have Spell Suppression, some of them from Crucible Trees. We also get a 15% Spell Suppression buff here when you Evasion on all 4 Armor pieces.

We got some passives from Magebane, and some gems from Green Nightmare. But two more things to note: the cold damage will act as additional confusion. At the same time, there is also a 12% Spell Suppression and a 7% damage increase. We also got some good Resistance while going through here.

PoE 3.21: Melding of the Flesh

Ailment Immunity

Then if you have 100% Spell Suppression, you will get Ailment Immunity easily. Since I have the new Jewel Ancestral Vision, we also get 50% Spell Suppression from Jewel.

Plus, you also get the remaining 50% from your boots through Essences and Eater of Worlds implicit, so it’s pretty much free Ailment Immunity.

Path of Exile 3.21: Spell Suppression and Ailment Immune

Max Block With Glancing Blows

We also have Max Block with Glancing Blows. We get a lot of blocks from shields, for example, the spell block we got from Tempest Shield. If you want this Passive Mastery, you can gain an extra chance to block spell damage by utilizing Divergent Tempest Shield.

If you don’t have Divergent Tempest Shield, you basically have to allocate an extra skill point here for it to work properly. So if we want to do more damage with Nebulis, we have to get a good roll.

I actually have a Nebulis with an explosion, but it’s not necessary. You can get one with double damage, or just one Eldritch Implicit with decent damage output. Such as Crit Multi, Cast speed and a good Roll, or an excellent Crucible Trees.

Since we have decent regeneration, we also run Righteous Fire, which increases spell damage by 40%. And since our health is down, we also need to run Pain Attunement.

PoE 3.21: Max Block With Glancing Blows


As an Inquisitor, so if you want to get Crit, be sure to get 100% Crit Multi. You can get Bottled Faith or Crucible Trees’ passive skills from gems.

Remember, since we are an Inquisitor, our Crit ignores the enemy’s Elemental Resistance. Especially for these Monsters in White Maps all the way up to that Pinnacle Atlas Bosses, their Elemental Resistance is essentially always zero.

So as long as you are not under curses like Frostbite, Resistance is not the most important thing for you. Also, don’t bother looking for Cold Penetration Support as it won’t do anything for Spark Inquisitor.

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For your curses, you only need to use it as Sniper’s Mark. Then for Cluster Jewels, they’re pretty good, especially Large Cluster Jewel, which gives you some Resistance and a decent amount of damage.

Although I only have 1 Large Cluster Jewel, you can run up to 4 Medium Cluster Jewels with Eye to Eye and Repeater. This does a lot of damage to enemies, but it might cost you some Resistance.

Mana Reservation And Life Reservation

Since we are also an Aura Stacker, you want to get as many Mana Reservations and Life Reservations as possible. 

PoE 3.21: Ashes of the Stars

The good thing about Ashes of the Stars is that it can provide players with certain Mana Reservation and Life Reservation. That’s why it’s a mandatory item for this build. So I suggest that you can first use POE Currency to get this equipment, which will be of great help to your equipment upgrade.

In addition, anoint will also give you a certain Mana Reservation and Life Reservation. You can also get some Life Reservations through Enlighten Support. It is associated with Purity of Ice and Vitality that comes into your life. There is also a Mastery that allows you to increase your Life Reservation by 20%, and of course, as much Mana Reservation as possible.

That’s all for me to create my Spark Inquisitor build and upgrade and what to look out for. Hope this helps you guys when trying this build. Have a great day.

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