Diablo 4: How To Create A Lightning Storm Druid Build? - Leveling & Mechanics

Today there is a guide on my leveling for Lightning Storm Druid. It’s fun to play, and very liberating when applying electricity to knock bosses or hordes of minions back into hell.

This guide can help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter during the build process, so you can have a smooth and fun experience. First, I’ll explain how Lightning Storm works and how you can actually fight it.

Lightning Storm Mechanics

Due to its increased strength, this ability has some very interesting issues. It will increase Lightning Strike counts for as long as you hold down the button of your choice, capped at 5 levels. And every time Lightning Strike will automatically roll Lucky Hit, Crit Strike and Overpower chance. These phases also do not increase the spell’s psychic cost.

Diablo 4: How To Build A Lightning Storm Druid?

Now, Channeling takes some time, which greatly limits our DPS. We need to solve this problem by improving this ability. Since each strike has its own area of effect, it must overlap the target to deal damage.

Another brilliant mechanic for this skill is AoE zone that prevents Lightning Strike from spawning outside the perimeter, making narrow hallways your best cover. And rushing to stage 5 is advantageous here because it’s more likely to hit small targets with multiple bolts.

Other Abilities

Next, let’s talk about support abilities. These are used to enhance your defenses, giving you mobility and Spirit Generation.

Diablo 4: Poison Creeper

Poison Creeper is a powerful CC ability that immobilizes targets. We can later use this for other collaborative purposes. However, since they are immune to CC, this is a pretty bad ability compared to powerful bosses.

Another option is Blood Howl, which heals you for 20% of your max health and gives you 20% Spirit, anyway. It also transforms you into a Werewolf and also spawns an extra Spirit when you passively transform back into a human. Each kill also reduces the cooldown of this skill by 1 second, allowing for some really nice healing and Spirit Generation when taking out hordes of monsters.

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Eastern Bulwark is an exceptionally powerful defensive barrier ability. It grants you an unstoppable buff for the duration and acts as a damage mitigation mechanic for reinforcements. This unstoppable buff makes you immune to CC and breaks already applied CC. We can combine it with Legendary Powers for extra movement speed and longer duration.

Trample is a movement ability that knocks back targets and gives you another instance of unstoppable. Legendary Powers can later further increase Spirit Generation of this ability based on the number of enemies you control with knockback.

The last ability of choice is Cataclysm, which gives us a tremendous source of vulnerability and knockbacks. At the same time, the extra damage caused by this skill is effective for bosses.

Diablo 4: Cataclysm

Spirit Generation

Lightning Storm costs us 16% Spirit and Wild Impulses Passive, which means we need to offset this cost with our kit of choice. Much of this comes from Wind Shear hitting enemies and adding richness to our Spirit Generation earlier.

The more we progress, the more we gain access to other ways. Such as Spirit Boon Energize, which can give us Spirit when Lucky Hit. We also get +0.1% resource generation per point of Intelligence, which further boosts Spirit Generation of this build.

Diablo 4: Spirit Generation

Legendary Aspects

Each of the Legendary Aspects you can earn by completing dungeon or story quests. While none of them are required to build functionality, all of them will greatly enhance its functionality, resulting in a faster and smoother upgrade experience.

Overcharged Aspect

First, Overcharged Aspect. It gives you insane damage against bosses, especially against bigger targets, since there are more chances to trigger the debuff. You can get it in Scosglen’s Mariner’s Refuge. Also, never put any Legendary Aspects in your weapon. This will only cost you extra Diablo 4 Gold and will not do you any good since you will be changing weapons regularly.

Aspect Of The Umbral

Second, Aspect of The Umbral is great for your psychic generation, especially when using Poison Creeper. This aspect can be unlocked by completing Champion’s Demise on Dry Steppes.

Diablo 4: Legendary Aspects

Aspect Of Mending Stone

Aspect of Mending Stone is an Earthen Bulwark that is very strong defensively and also gives you a boost when killing monsters. It is able to extend the unstoppable buff even further. We can unlock this power in Sealed Archives dungeon in Dry Steppes.

Ghostwalker Aspect

Finally, you can further combine this power with Ghostwalker Aspect, which increases your movement speed. You can also walk through monsters, ignoring unit collisions. This aspect also applies to Trample, which can be unlocked by playing the campaign in Scosglen.

Spirit Boons

For Deer, grabbing Wariness reduces damage to Elites. For Eagle, grab Avian Wrath for a ton of critical hit damage. Wolves pair well with Spirit Boon Energize, giving you a bit of Spirit Generation when it comes to Lucky Hit. Finally, there’s Snake, which periodically reduces Catalyst’s cooldown before starting Lightning Storm.

Diablo 4: Spirit Boons Deep Dive

Druid can further gain a second boon of animal attributes. This should be used to get an Overload in Snake or Bolster in Wolves. Overload is great for extra clearing, but that shouldn’t be a big deal for this build. Bolsters will give you additional boosts that are hard to come by alone.

Wrap Up

Anyway, here’s my guide to level Lightning Storm Druid in Diablo 4. I’ll cover this endgame build guide in more depth when it’s released. Hope this guide helps you.

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