Everything You Need To Know About Creating Poison Soulrend Build In POE 3.21!

Earlier, I shared my Cast While Channeling Poison Soulrend with the players. Many players still have doubts about this. Therefore, I will introduce this build to you in detail again.


Our skill of choice is Soulrend. When you fire a projectile, the projectile has infinite penetration and can turn towards enemies. So we don’t have to accurately target the enemy.

Since this spell is chaos based, we can add Poison and my favorite Ascendancy class, Pathfinder. On the boss you’ll need to cast it yourself, but when just doing the map we’ll use Cyclone while channeling.

Path Of Exile: Soulrend Skill

Cast While Channeling

With all of this, we’ve got a really cool look. Makes a really nice build for mapping and bossing. Casting While Channeling doesn’t require breakpoints, attack speed, or anything, so we don’t have to worry about that.

If you use Awakened Cast in boot, it’s pretty cheap. You can cast 3.3 spells in a second, which is great for clearing.

We use Pathfinder because this Ascendancy is pretty much the best choice for Poison builds. When you channel Cyclone, you slow down your movement speed. But with the addition of Ascendancy Flask effect, we can easily bypass this. We also have baffling recovery during boss fights. Also, we can add a Ring, Nimis, to our build.

Path Of Exile: Cast While Channeling


With Nimis, it will fire all projectiles at random. In exchange, they will be returned to us. On top of that, this Ring does roughly 3-4x damage to a single target. Since they return all projectiles to us, we fire 5-6 projectiles depending on whether you have Helmet Enchants or not.

Even without this Ring, the build is still very good. But its damage to a single target isn’t amazing. You have to stand near the boss so that when the projectile returns to you. It hits more times. That’s why I cast spells in melee range.

Path Of Exile: Nimis Ring

Why Do We Have 3 Curses?

We can use 3 curses in our build. Since each character can have 3 Power Charges, our Curses limit is 3.

Since we’re using Poison as our primary source of damage, we can use Despair to lower the enemy’s Chaos Resistance, and use Temporal Chains to make our Poison last longer on the enemy.

Path Of Exile: Curse Bots

Bad News

I have to tell you there is one more bad news here. Since you have to use Crucible Tree to Soulrend, you’re limited to a few weapons. This mod only works with a few weapon types.

On one handed weapons it rolls 2 extra projectiles, so you’ll need a shield with the mod or use another weapon in the off-hand. But your damage will be much lower than Staff.

If you want to give it a try, start unhide Staff on your filters and try making one for yourself. The base type doesn’t matter, any Staff can roll out mods. Or you can just use one of the larger multiple projectiles in Green Gem slot.

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We have Elemental Ailments Immunity. Because Ancestral Vision Modifiers we use can do Spell Suppression Damage and are also suitable for avoiding Elemental Ailments.

Another best thing about this build is that we can convert almost all physical damage we take into elemental damage. Because we added a Flask effect node. If you put more POE Currency in Helmet Implicit, you increase the damage effect.

Path Of Exile: Exploring Petrified Blood & Steel Skills

But don’t use it when there is a unique enemy nearby, as it won’t work on Sirus when he does a Meteor Cast. And we treat that much damage as elemental damage, so we can use all elemental damage reduction with Flask. This way we reduce the damage we take physically, which we convert to elemental damage.

If you haven’t used this Aura before, using Petrified Blood restores over 50% of our health without Life Flasks. We’re only getting close to 2k health regen from our Life Flasks and increasing all the time.

This time I tried a new Flask setup. We use a replica of Sorrow of The Divine for Eldritch Battery. This way we can keep all our mana, and these Life Flasks will also work with Energy Shield. But you have to press Life Flasks every 5 seconds, otherwise your Energy Shield will also be depleted.


Since we’re using an Eldritch Battery, we need every possible Energy Shield. You also need Crucible mode Soulrends to fire 4 additional projectiles. Use some unique POE Crucible Items in your builds.

Lightning Coil is for really big physical damage reduction. Nimis can increase the damage of a single target. We can also use 3 curses with Anathema, making my Amulet.

Passive Tree

We will use eight passive cluster gems. Includes passive skills like Wicked Pall, Unwaveringly Evil and Unholy Grace. Rare jewels mods cause you multi life and projectile speed damage over time.

Path Of Exile: Cluster Jewels and their Notables

You need to get each one, because Crucible weapon tree is slowing down the projectile speed, so we use this to counter. Also, if you’re not using Enlighten level 4, you’ll need to get jewels with mana retention efficiency like I did.


Hope this content can help you understand this Poison Soulrend build. Hope you have a smooth game journey. Good luck.

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