How Does F2P Player Easily Challenge Honkai Star Rail? - Basic Mechanics Explained

This time I want to explain some basic mechanics to you. I hope it will be helpful for your Honkai Star Rail trip. Honkai Star Rail’s combat system highly rewards preparation and smart play. But to do this properly, you should first understand how it works.

Before starting a battle, you can form a balanced team against the enemies you’ll be facing, which can make combat much easier. Once we know exactly what we are supposed to do, we can win the challenge more easily.


Each character in Honkai Star Rail has different techniques, and you can combine different techniques together. You can start a fight with only one attack technique. But you can apply any buffs, debuffs and pre-create a special area to benefit from all these bonuses. This is very helpful in tough fights like Forgotten Hall.

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Toughness & Weakness Break

Also, it’s important to always choose the best character to start a fight with. You want to make sure you have characters in your Honkai Star Rail Accounts who can take on the various challenges.

There are 7 elements in Honkai Star Rail, and by attacking with the element, you will drain their Toughness. Depleting an enemy’s toughness is one of the key ways to gain an advantage in combat. Because once it’s gone, you trigger Weakness Break on them. By doing this, you deal extra damage, delaying your opponent’s next move and increasing the damage they take.

The additional effect of Weakness Break is determined by the element that triggers it. Each element has its own description of what its Weakness Break does. But either deal extra damage, or slow the enemy down even further.

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However, one thing you should know is that the only stats that affect these effects are your level and Break Effect. Your other stats don’t matter at all.

In addition to weaknesses, enemies may have additional Resistances. They have nothing in common with weaknesses. They just reduce the damage of certain elements or reduce the chance of certain debuffs to take effect. So it is very important to check the enemy's details before starting the battle.

Honkai Star Rail: All Element Weakness Break

Ultimates And Energy

Note, however, that the character’s Ultimate ignores these and can be used. It will queue immediately them after the current action animation ends. You can also take advantage of them by healing them between enemy turns.

To use these abilities, a character needs more Energy. You can generate Energy from almost any action your character performs. It’s worth noting, though, that killing an enemy or even getting hit yields extra Energy, which might not be so noticeable. And using skills also generates more Energy than using basic attacks. Unlike getting hit, it’s something you can control.

You need to check exactly how much Energy your character has to charge Ultimates with that extra Energy ahead of time and save lives. However, for skills, you also need to understand another important part of the combat system, Skill Points.

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Skill Points

During combat, you can use basic attacks that generate Skill Points or skills that consume Skill Points. We share skill Points among your party members. But you can’t use them all the time. So you have to have characters who don’t mind using basic attacks to replenish Skill Points for your team, like Tingyun, Natasha, or Seele.

Her Ultimates will keep your team alive most of the time. So unless you’re in a pinch, she can always generate a lot of Skill Points, too.

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Ideal Teams

Ideally, for each fight, you want your team to use the opponent’s weaker element, unaffected by enemy Resistances. Balances the generation and consumption of Skill Points and has a way to sustain itself. So you have at least one healer or shield, so it’s important to use your resources wisely.

Honkai Star Rail: Ideal Teams

Progression And Resource Management

Personally, I suggest you can invest in the character’s level and Light Cones first. At worst, you’ll also get more Warps Passes from leveling up, and can simply give those Light Cones to someone else if necessary.

Also, you want to postpone Relic farming as much as possible. Since they’re so random, most of the time you’ll just waste your Energy. So you’ll have better drop rates at least at higher levels.

If you can clear all the tough fights and aren’t sure who to upgrade, focus on the support characters. Because they can fit into multiple teams, there’s a good chance you won’t waste resources trying to make them better.

Finally, don’t forget to fix any major issues you can find. Such as your character keeps dying, or you’re taking too long to break an enemy’s weak point. This way, you’ll know which talents should be upgraded and which stats should be increased.

Honkai Star Rail: Progression And Resource Management

Most Importantly

Don’t forget, the further you progress, the more resources you need to upgrade everything. This means you need more grinding. So don’t invest too much in skippable stuff, and keep stocking those generic materials that you’ll need a lot.

But most of all, relax and have fun. After all, that’s what playing games is all about. Anyway, that’s all I have prepared for you this time. Wish you a smooth journey and have a nice day.

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