WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming! - All The Changes You Want To Know

The next installment of WOW Dragonflight expansion patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time will go live on July 11th, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

There’s a brand new Mega-Dungeon to explore and loot, a brand new Evoker class. There’s also new open world content with Time Rifts, as well as a Whelp Daycare questline and daily events. So, let’s review everything in WOW Dragonflight patch 10.1.5.

WOW Dragonflight: Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming

New Mega-Dungeon: Dawn Of The Infinite

First up is the new Mega-Dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite. Infinite Dragonflight has long pursued the rise of their leader, Murozond. But, for that to happen, Aspect of Bronze Dragonflight Nozdormu has to go mad.

That’s what Infinite Dragonflight is trying to achieve in this new Mega-Dungeon, and it’s what we’re trying to prevent. We need to straighten out the timeline and save Nozdormu from his so-called fate. And collect some really shiny loot along the way.

Dawn of the Infinite also drives Dragonflight’s story forward. Primal Incarnate of Earth Iridikron is scheming behind the scenes. But why is he joining forces with Infinite Dragonflight? And how does all of this affect Avatar’s plans for that Dragon Isles? Here’s another mystery we’ll have to unravel as we explore Mega-Dungeon.

WOW Dragonflight: New Mega-Dungeon Dawn Of The Infinite

Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

Dragonflight 10.1.5 patch is also the first time we’ve seen the new Specialization in a patch. Augmentation Evokers will focus on providing special rewards to your various allies.

There are general buffs. Such as multiple player key stats increased to increase damage throughput of your team members. There is also increased versatility in some allies. You can also reduce threat spawns so you can teleport to each other. It can even reduce the cooldown of an ally’s main offensive ability.

They also provide various approaches to crowd control. Also deal damage with impressive new spells like Eruption, Upheaval, and Breath of Eons.

Plus, there’s an optional Evokers-specific questline here. It answers some leftover questions from previous patches. And explains how the Evokers gained the ability to use more Black Dragonflight magic. And combine it with Bronze Dragonflight magic to power the new Augmentation Specialization.

WOW Dragonflight: Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

New Public Event: Time Rifts

With the big move of Infinite Dragonflight, the timeline is all warped and Time Rifts start appearing all over Dragon Isles. These Time Rifts brought us new outdoor world content to explore.

To ensure our timeline remains stable, these Time Rifts need to be fixed. We need to fight off mysterious invaders from different versions of Azeroth and collect Temporal Essence. Then go into Time Rifts again and find out what’s causing these fragments.

The more Essences you collect, the better rewards you get. Many of the bosses within Time Rifts also have tons of shiny loot and WOW Dragonflight Gold for you to pursue.

Plus, taking part in Time Rifts events will earn you Paracausal Flakes as well. You can use these Flakes at different vendors and get rewards that match the themes of the different alternate timelines.

WOW Dragonflight: New Public Event Time Rifts

There are also some new Mounts, Transmogs, Battle Pets, and some new chase gear options waiting for you to collect. There are also some special New Paracausal Fragment Trinkets. They have powerful effects, and these ancient legendary weapon fragments will be very useful in future battles.

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Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

There are also new questlines and daily activities available in Whelp Daycare. We packed Ruby Life Pools Dungeon with new Whelps, but too many to handle alone. So they need the expertise of Valdrakken Whelp Daycare.

You can help Whelp Daycare clean up the area, providing treats and materials for the habitat. You can take turns working with each Whelp to create a suitable lair for each Dragonflight.

We’ll also learn a little about each Dragonflight and its history. After helping each Whelp, you’ll unlock them as battle pets. You’ll also get new daily quests and various perks like Flight Stones, Pet Charms, and more.

WOW Dragonflight: Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

Dragonriding has received another major update. There is a new tournament coming up called Kalimdor Cup. During this event, you can find dragonriding races in most areas of Kalimdor.

Each track has standard, advanced and reverse options for you to test your dragonriding abilities. You also get a new currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges. You can trade these Badges to new vendors in Valdrakken to unlock new Dragonriding customization options and Dragonrider Transmog Set.

WOW Dragonflight: Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

Finally, Warlock Class has received some major updates as well. First off, every race except Dracthyr can now play as Warlock Class. This gives us more class combinations to explore.

Warlock will also have new customization options for their Demon Pets. This way you can customize your Demon according to your own personal style.

A special Warlock questline will reward you with Grimoire for unlocking these options and changing your Demon’s appearance. Just visit a barbershop and you’ll have all the customization options unlocked there. It’s not just Warlock, though.

There’s a lot to look forward to here with class and talent changes, UI updates, tons of quality-of-life additions, and cross-realm trades. So even if your friends are playing on different servers in the same region as you. You can trade items and WOW Dragonflight Gold with them.

WOW Dragonflight: Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

Plus, there are new in-game events, additions to the gear upgrade system, and a new questline in Eon’s Fringe area.

With so much content on the horizon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the next chapter of World of WarCraft Dragonflight. But that’s all in patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time. Good luck and have fun.

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