Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Revealed! - How To Pull Is The Most Sensible Choice?

The new characters for Honkai Star Rail 1.3 and their Element, Star Grade, and Path have been announced. Includes potential Imaginary DPS, and two units to complete Mono Quantum.

So we’re going to introduce these three units, see what roles they can offer, and how they make a difference by referencing past versions. I’ll also discuss whether our current pull choices are the wisest. But remember 1.3 is still 8 weeks away, so pulling now is still a wise choice. Let’s start.

Honkai Star Rail: Ptach 1.3 Character Revealed

Imbibitor Lunae, 5-Star Imaginary Destruction

The first unit to drop is Imbibitor Lunae. He’s a 5-Star Imaginary Destruction unit and the first in our group.

Destruction units are hybrid DPS with survivability or HP based mechanics. Blade appeared in 1.2 as Wind Destruction. So I doubt they’ll copy their own assignment and have Imbibitor Lunae do the same. So he’s probably like Hook, with strong damage and some healing mechanics.

Either way, he’ll be another DPS pick for those who skipped Honkai Star Rail 1.0, or those who joined the game recently. You can pull Blade for Wind coverage and powerful damage. Or wait for Imbibitor Lunae and get Imaginary coverage and powerful damage.

We don’t know how Blade fares, or even his last suit. And Lunae is brand new, so we can’t compare their strength. So if you don’t like Blade’s mechanics or style, and you want DPS, then maybe Lunae is for you.

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If you just want a DPS, you can also choose a Honkai Star Rail Account that includes Lunae. Maybe you can also pick up a Light Cone, like In the Night and Before Dawn, which will give you a powerful DPS boost.

As an Imaginary unit, he is our first dedicated Imaginary DPS. Now Welt’s DPS is mainstream and powerful. But Lunae will definitely outdo Welt in damage. That doesn’t mean Welt is dead. He’s a Nihility unit that offers some incredible utility.

Honkai Star Rail: Imbibitor Lunae

And can provide some low DPS damage if paired with Imbibitor Lunae. You’ll also need to pair the two if you want to abuse Wastelander set. The only Destruction unit with a debuff is Hook. So unless Lunae is imprisoned or has a new debuff in his gear, you’ll want Welt to abuse his full power.

Finally, this means we can build Mono Imaginary in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Lunae is the main DPS, Welt is the secondary DPS, Yukong is the buffer, and Luocha is the solo sustain. Yukong is the strongest buffer when considering two DPS with Silver Wolf. So one of the two will make your Lunae and Welt do some incredible damage.

Therefore, Imbibitor Lunae, with its powerful DPS options and cool exterior design, may make Blade no longer your only choice. If you need a DPS to build your second team in Memory of Chaos, he might be a good choice.

Fu Xuan, 5-Star Quantum Preservation

The next unit is Fu Xuan. We actually confirmed she was one of those units a while back, but now we’ve confirmed that she’s coming to Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

Fu Xuan is a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. Preservation units mitigate damage, increase Aggro, and have shields. So Fu Xuan may be similar to Luocha in this respect. Luocha shows us how limited Abundance works. So Fu Xuan might do the same with Preservation.

It wasn’t hard to add numbers and better traces on Gepard. But maybe they’ll do a whole new mechanic like they did with Luocha. Maybe attack based shielding?

Anyway, as a 5-Star limited Preservation, she might solo sustain. So maybe you don’t need to pick up Luocha. Especially if you’re pulling her in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and want your DPS to be above solo sustain first.

Honkai Star Rail: Fu Xuan

As a Quantum unit, she’s our first defensive Quantum pick, which is why most people support her. We can finally form a Mono Quantum in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Even if there is no next unit, we can add support to it that matches the enemy’s weaknesses. And this also already gives Mono Quantum to most enemies in the game.

Mono Quantum is every Seele player’s dream. With Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and the next character. You can attack every enemy in the game with your Seele and still deal maximum damage.

They probably have a way to weaken it, but you should be safe. So for those who are still pulling Luocha, or those who have Seele and Silver Wolf, it may be a better choice to preserve their strength. You can choose DPS in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Then select the defense option in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

Lynx, 4-Star Quantum Abundance

Finally, we have Lynx. She is a 4-Star Quantum Abundance unit and the first of our set. As an Abundance unit, she can heal allies and can cleanse like Natasha or Luocha. Or there are new mechanics like Bailu’s Invigoration.

Either way, she’s giving us a new Abundance option. And she is a 4-Star character. So if you can wait a few more months, you don’t need to choose 5-Star limited Abundance for your second therapist.

Getting a 4-Star role can be tricky sometimes. If we follow that Free unit into a Free Light Cone pattern, we won’t get Free character in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. So you may need to pull a bunch of characters to protect her.

She might give Natasha power, or just a new Abundance option. And she’ll give your second team an extra Quantum break and more options.

Honkai Star Rail: Lynx Landau Quantum Healer

The primary reason people want her again is Mono Quantum. With Seele or Qingque, Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and Lynx, you can now take Quantum anywhere. Because Silver Wolf will have a 100% chance to inflict Quantum weakness on enemies.

If Fu Xuan is a solo sustainable powerhouse like Luocha, then you probably don’t need Lynx. But you can take her anyway for extra survivability. So, for Mono Quantum enjoyers or those in desperate need of a second healer. Lynx is here to help in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 is still a while away, so who you want to pull is entirely up to you. Let me know your pull options for Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3. Good luck.

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