Final Fantasy 14: Dungeon Guide

Final Fantasy 14 has nearly 100 different dungeons in the four expansion packs updated in the past ten years. They only used some of the dungeons as game scenes, while other dungeons are part of side quests that players can choose, including some difficult patches.

No matter how long players have played Final Fantasy 14, dungeons are the most impressive places for most players.

Among these dungeons, several dungeons are the most popular among players. Whether it’s the difficult quests, impressive stories, or eerie atmosphere, these dungeons all have their place in Final Fantasy 14’s dungeon quest history. Many players agree that these are some of their favorite or least favorite dungeons in Final Fantasy 14.

A Realm Reborn: Praetorium

A Realm Reborn has a total of 31 dungeon quests, covering a third of the dungeons. A Realm Reborn is one player’ favorite MMORPG landing spots.

Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn The Praetorium Dungeon Guide

Mainly because Final Fantasy 14 has seen fewer and fewer new dungeons in patches over time with each update. Therefore, players will inevitably choose Praetorium, the most iconic dungeon task in A Realm Reborn in Final Fantasy 14.

Praetorium is the last dungeon quest in A Realm Reborn. As a story game, Final Fantasy 14 rarely lets the player skip the cutscenes before each dungeon mission, even if the mission has been completed.

A Realm Reborn also has dungeons that other players have impressed with. Among them, Lost City of Amdapor is not only one of the most beautiful dungeons in Final Fantasy 14, but also the first future dungeon to add a repetitive static soundtrack.

Then there’s Aurum Vale, the most hated dungeon among players, which remains frowned upon even after the pared-down cutscenes.

Heavensward: Vault

In any case, Vault in Heavensward is the most memorable dungeon for players. The lighting, music and atmosphere in the dungeon are the most fantastic, constantly driving players to continue exploring Archbishop Thordan, fighting Heavens’ Ward knights on the way.

Final Fantasy 14’s quest system also makes players prefer this dungeon, as it allows players to fight with their Haurchefant Fortemps.

FFXIV OST The Vault Theme

Other dungeons in Heavensward also bring unique experiences to players. The reversal of the players’ fight against Nidhogg in The Aerie with Estinien has always been impressive.

Although the challenges players faced at the beginning of Final Fantasy 14 were very difficult, none of these seemed worth mentioning compared to the touching storyline in Vault.

Stormblood: Doma Castle

When players enter Doma Castle, they will be very excited. Because the soundtrack of Yanxian theme will always stimulate the player, allowing the player to fight Garleans for the first time in Stormblood. Doma Castle has always done a good job of creating a sense of tension and conflict.

Doma Castle, like Vault, also has some cutscenes, and players remember some classic lines. Stormblood expansion pack presents players with all the content of Doma Castle in detail.


In comparison, the other dungeons in Stormblood seem not worth mentioning. However, the secaond boss players encounter in Bardam’s Mettle is still impressive.

Because this challenge isn’t a regular fight at all, but ends the expansion, especially with an NPC trust system that players are adding in Shadowbringers. Therefore, most players still think that the most representative dungeon in Stormblood is Doma Castle.

Endwalker: Ktisis Hyperboreia

Endwalker’s portrayal of the story is deep, full of emotional tangles and plot twists. At the same time, the monsters here, the sense of hopeless atmosphere, and the deeply terrifying dungeon scenes are all different in Endwalker expansion.

Ktisis Hyperboreia’s twisted and deformed environments, its trapping environments and eerie soundtrack make players feel like it’s one of the best dungeons in Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Dungeon Ktisis Hyperboreia

Perhaps the reason Ktisis Hyperboreia is most popular among players is that there are characters that accompany the player in the dungeon set by the system. Players can choose to enter the dungeon with one of the three most popular Final Fantasy 14 characters, Emet-Selch, Venat, and Hythlodeus, to complete quests.

Of course, the dungeons of Aitiascope and Dead Ends in Endwalker are also liked by many players. Aitiascope brings players a different retrospective experience, allowing players to explore the dungeon in depth, challenge to kill different enemies, and get FF14 Gil rewards they drop.

At the same time, Dead Ends brought the first release of Final Days, giving players a unique experience. With such fierce competition, Ktisis Hyperborei is still frequently considered by players to be one of the most iconic dungeons in Endwalker. Even patch 6.4 or 6.5 of Final Fantasy 14 next year will release a more iconic dungeon.

All in all, different dungeon missions bring players a richer gaming experience and prolong the life of Final Fantasy 14. Hopefully, there will be more iconic dungeons in the future as well. Hope you can have fun in the game.

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