The Best Guide To Wanderer In Genshin Impact! - Best Artifacts, Weapons, Teams, Playstyle & More

Today, I’ll be instructing you on how to build Wanderer in Genshin Impact to get the most out of his gear. Without further ado, let’s get right to it. Let’s take a look at Wanderer’s talent explanation first.

Talent Explanation

Starting with normal attacks, most of Wanderer’s damage comes from normal attacks. He has a long attack range and has good tracking. This is very useful for flying or moving enemies. His elemental skills allow him to fly and hover in mid-air after casting the spell, and grant him Windfavored state. This increases the power of his normal and charged attacks.

Wanderer in Windfavored state will get “Kuugoryoku Points,” which indicates how long Wanderer can stay in this state. A unique Stamina bar that drains represents wanderer’s Kuugoryoku Points.

Talent level scaling on Wanderer’s skills is weak, but is an important part of his skills. Because it can enhance his normal attack and charged attack. After using Elemental Burst, Wanderer will deal 5 consecutive Anemo DMGs to enemies.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Build Guide

Since this is a high demand for his energy, it’s best to alternate bursts. You can use Wanderer’s Burst before his ability, at the end of his ability, or even in the middle of a rotation to clear a wave of opponents.

Wanderer’s first Ascension Passive is Jade-Claimed Flower, which grants him a buff based on his use of elemental skills. The injection priority of elements is Pyro, followed by Hydro, Electro and lastly Cryo.

Next up is his second Ascension Passive, Gales of Reverie. When Wanderer hits the opponent with a normal attack in Windfavored state, there is a 16% chance to get Descent effect.

If Wanderer dashes during Descent effect, it will consume no stamina. He will fire 4 Wind Arrows, each Wind Arrow deals an Anemo DMG of 35% ATK. If an attack fails to produce the effect, the chance of receiving the buff increases gradually.

Keep in mind that dashes will reduce Wanderer’s DPS before this buff is activated. To avoid this, pay attention to the audiovisual cues that appear when the passive is triggered.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Talent Explanation


Next, let’s talk about his Constellation.

His C1 increases normal attack and charged attack speed by 10%. It enables you to add up to two additional normal attacks to your rotation. In addition, Wind Arrow, launched by the fourth Ascension Passives, will deal an additional 25% of the attack power in damage.

After spending 50 Kuugoryoku Points in Windfavored state, C2 provides a 200% Burst damage bonus whenever Wanderer’s Burst is used.

His C3 and C5 increase his burst and skill levels by 3, respectively.

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His C4 adds a random buff, in addition to the two buffs Wanderer would normally get from his first Ascension Passive.

His C6 allows him to deal bonus wind damage during normal attacks, dealing 40% of Wanderer’s normal attack damage. Also, this prolongs Windfavored state, increasing DPS while slowing down the rotation.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Constellation

Best Artifact Sets

Wanderer’s best Artifact Sets are 4 Desert Pavilion Chronicle. This set is tailor made for Wanderer. Because it increases his normal attack speed and provides a huge damage boost to his normal and charged attacks.

However, this set is only slightly better than Shimenawa’s Reminiscence 4-piece set. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of planting 4 Desert Pavilion Chronicles, you can use it on Wanderer.

Echoes of an Offering is also a viable set for him. However, Ping becomes the major factor that increases the damage output of this suit. You can also mix 2 pieces of Desert Pavilion Chronicle, Viridescent Venerer, or any set that gives 18% Attack.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Artifact Sets

Best Weapons

His best weapon slot is his signature weapon, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance. It boosts his normal attack and has a high base attack with a whopping 44% crit damage.

Memory of Dust is his second best weapon, especially if you don’t use Bennett. It gives you more attack damage. But if you have Bennett, Lost Prayer becomes his second best slot machine weapon.

Next we have R5 Widsith. Unfortunately, Wanderer cannot benefit from EM buffs. He can only use attack and elemental damage buffs. This caused R5 Widsith to drop in the rankings.

We also have R5 Dodoco Tales. This weapon is powerful for Wanderer. Armed with this weapon, you can launch a spam attack. You need to use your normal attack before sending his charged attack to activate his passive. Make sure to do a basic attack every 5-6 seconds to refresh the passive.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Weapons

Next up is Kagura’s Verity. Its passive is useless against Wanderer, as it only enhances elemental skills. But it makes up for the lack of passive utility by offering high crit damage and a basic attack.

Finally, we have Solar Pearl, a Battle Pass weapon. It’s a great pick for Wanderer, as it provides a high crit chance. Passive buffs his burst damage and basic attacks.

Best Teams Comps

Finally let’s chat about Wanderer’s best team. Faruzan and Bennett are Wanderer’s best teammates to maximize his damage. If you don’t have Faruzan, you can replace her with Sucrose from your Genshin Impact Account. This gives you Anemo Particles and Thrilling Tales buffs.

The best team to maximize his damage would be Wanderer, Faruzan, and Bennett, with Flex in the last spot. For the last slot, you can also use a shield like Zhongli, Diona, Layla, or another buffer like Yunjin or Jean, or a secondary DPS like Yelan, Xingqiu, Fischl.

Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Teams Comps

Overall Info

Overall, Wanderer is a strong Anemo DPS, and very easy to use. Because you just need to spam his normal attacks. This guide has covered everything you need to know about Wanderer. Including his best Weapons, Artifacts, Team Comps and Constellations. I hope this guide is helpful to you!

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