A Preview And Showcase Of Drizzle Aeromancer Build In Lost Ark! - Engraving, Mechanism & Skill Combo

Here I would like to introduce Drizzle Aeromancer. As indicated in the global roadmap, they will release Aeromancer in August of this year. So, I think showing and previewing Drizzle Aeromancer build would be helpful for your overall Lost Ark experience.

Before I start this guide, you need to know that my analysis of Aeromancer is based entirely on a KR server. Since Lost Ark has been working hard to restore the balance between the various classes, the composition of some skills can also change in the future.


Aeromancer was released in Korea a year ago. She’s a pretty old class. However, after Balance Patch, her damage performance was nerfed. Especially her Weather Concept Engraving, Drizzles.

Lost Ark: Preview Your Drizzle Aeromancer

Her Identity skills are Sun Shower. Her Identity skills are fairly passive and affect other players’ damage performance and her own. But during the time her Identity skills are functioning, she will provide you and your teammates with very useful buffs.

She’s not as powerful as a DPS class, but also has a bit of vague synergy, especially on Drizzles. Let’s start with the coverage of Class Engraving I used in this guide is Drizzles.

Class Engraving

Unlike Umbrella build, which changed Aeromancer’s entire mechanics. Drizzles didn’t change many things about Aeromancer. Drizzles Class Engraving reduces the cost of Identity Gauge and also increases the damage of Weather skills. This is more like buffing the damage of Weather skills while Identity is active.

Lost Ark: Class Engraving

Combat Stat

Speaking of combat stats, as you probably already know or expect. Because damage performance is mainly determined by Identity skills or uptime. So it means you’ll have to live with tight controls throughout the game.

In fact, Specialization efficiency of Drizzles is quite remarkable. But in most cases, we have to use Specialization stat. It’s also very accessible for beginners. And, like Master Summoner, she does can maintain Hallucination Set buff.

However, you still need to focus on Adrenaline and Crit rate buffs during gameplay. You need to use Specialization stat to increase the efficiency of your damage representation. But when you decide to use Swiftness stat, she might be a little more mobile.

Using fast builds means you’re giving up about 3% - 4% of DPS performance compared to critical performance. So if you’re looking to boost your Drizzle Aeromancer like your other replacement, this build is for you.


The core mechanic of Drizzle Aeromancer is to use your Steam Control while Sun Shower is active to fill your Identity skills faster. This allows her to maintain a mid-range damage performance throughout the game. So, it’s more like an immediate and ongoing connection between damage increase Tripod and her Identity skills.

Lost Ark: Drizzle Aeromancer Prokel Game Play


Her core skill consists of two parts. Drizzle adds to your Identity Supply skills or parts that may be related to your Identity Supply. There is also Steam Control section, where there are three skills that are directly related to your damage performance. These three skills are Scorching Sun, Sweeping Wind, and Lightning Vortex.

All you need to do is provide Identity skills and pour in your Steam Control skills while Identity is running normally.


Like other classes in Lost Ark, Aeromancer also has two Awakening skills. One is Summoning Vortex, and the other is Umbrella Sword.

Compared to Drizzle Aeromancer, Storm Fury Aeromancer has a shorter cooldown, has more flexibility, and requires less Lost Ark Gold to invest. This means Drizzle Aeromancer is slightly heavier to move and has a longer or delayed cooldown. Of course, unlike Storm Fury Aeromancer, you need enough Identity Gauge for full DPS performance.

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Whirlwind is a tremendous advantage for Aeromancer, as it has a decent amount of uptime. Even Umbrella builds can add or update key buffs with those little projectiles. So, you’d better keep the crit buff updated throughout the content.

Unlike other classes, her fundamental skill is quite a combo skill. Her skill cycle can also be recovered well. For example, some characters have a hard time regaining their Identity again if her Identity is inevitably turned off due to the boss’ mod.

You need more time to fill your Identity and start your damage deals. It’s more like it takes some time to recover from a crashed skill set or cycle. But unlike those classes that are based on Identity, Drizzle Aeromancer recovery cycle isn’t all that difficult. Maybe it has a better cushion to fill it up and start doing damage again.

Lost Ark: How To Play This New Class?

Skill Combo

Compared to Storm Fury Aeromancer, Drizzle Aeromancer’s skill set is fairly fixed on her cycle. If you want to play a skill combo, first you fill your Identity Gauge with your Drizzle. Then use Umbrella Sword to increase your crit chance. Last but not least, pour your Steam Control skills.

Due to the long and wide range of Aeromancer’s skill attacks, she has a great reputation in daily Chaos Dungeons. With the blessing of Drizzle, Aeromancer is even more invincible in the dungeon.

That’s all for a preview of Drizzle Aeromancer’s build, including her mechanics, preferences, and combos. Hope this guide will help you a little on your Lost Ark journey.

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