Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara! - Overview, Builds, Traces & Teams

Here I will bring you the optimal build guide for Clara in Honkai Star Rail. We’ll learn about her Skills, Traces and Eidolons. We’ll then discuss her best Relics and rank her Light Cones, ending with her team composition.

Clara is a 5-Star Physical character. She follows Path of Destruction, a hybrid DPS path known for its survivability or health-based mechanics.

Her base health ranks her as the third most powerful unit in the game. Her attack power ranks her as the second highest unit in the game. On defense, she’s also above average. If you want to try Clara, you can get a brand new Honkai Star Rail Account to experience it. Next, let’s take a look at her abilities and how they work exactly.

Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara

Basic Attack

Her basic attack is I Want to Help. This will deal with the standard amount of physical damage plus 30 toughness damage to an enemy.

Her ability is Svarog Watches Over You, which is an area of damage ability. It deals with massive physical damage to all enemies. The damage is doubled if they have Mark of Counter with Clara’s talent. This skill will cause 30 points of toughness damage to all enemies, restore 30 points of energy, and consume 1 point of skill.

Her ultimate ability is Promise, Not Command, which gives her 3 additional bonuses. The first is to reduce her bonus damage by 25% at max rank. Combined with her talents, this reduces her damage by 32.5%.

The second is that she has a very high Aggro gain for two turns, which means every enemy will suddenly want to attack Clara more.

Honkai Star Rail: Clara Skill

Finally, Svarog’s Counter will be enhanced for the next two counters. Now regardless of any ally being attacked, he will increase the damage multiplier against enemies receiving the counter. Each counter deals Splash damage equal to 50% of its multiplier to the center target.

Remember, if you use this buff before your turn, it will wear off gradually. So you need to use your ultimate after Clara makes her move.

Major Traces

Let’s review her main traces. Her first boosted passive skill is Kinship. When she is attacked, she has a flat 35% chance to remove debuffs applied to her. This is great for countering deadly effects. These effects destroy her damage output, such as CC, as well as countering any DoT damage or debuffs.

Her second boosted passive skill is Under Protection. She will have a 35% chance to resist CC debuffs, another layer of protection against her weaknesses. This reduces the chance of being CC’d by the highest level enemy from a base chance of 100% to 86%,

Finally, Revenge is her third boosted passive skill. It will increase Svarog’s Counter DMG by 30%. This is a huge DPS boost, great for focusing resources.

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Now let’s review her Eidolons. Her E1 will cause her abilities to no longer remove Mark of Counter from enemies. It’s a pretty big buff, and it fixes some damage issues if enemies decide not to attack you anymore.

After using her ultimate, her E2 grants her a 30% attack boost for 2 turns. So her ultimate now has 4 big effects, which is a great buff.

Honkai Star Rail: Clara Eidolons

When she is hit, her E4 will take an additional 30% less damage until the start of her next turn. Combining with her talent will result in a 37% damage reduction, and combining with her ultimate will result in a total damage reduction of 52.75%.

Her E3 and E5 will boost her ultimate and talent levels respectively, enhancing her counter damage output.

Her E6 is baffling. After hitting any other ally, Svarog has a flat 50% chance to trigger Talent’s Counter, marking them with the same Mark of Counter.

Also, when using your ultimate, you’ll gain another enhanced counter stack. This also quickly ramps up her damage at the start of the fight so you can start sending spells to deal massive damage.

Best Relics

Now on to Relics. The 4 Piece Physical will give you the most damage, and it’s her best choice regardless of playstyle. But her 2 piece combo with Musketeer of Wild Wheat is also possible. For Planar Ornaments, Clara’s only option is Inert Salsotto.

Honkai Star Rail: Clara Best Relics

Best Light Cones Ranked

For Light Cones, her best slot is Something Irreplaceable. Because it has an irreplaceable synergy with Clara. It gives her huge base stats, free attack, some sustenance and a DMG buff.

Her second Light Cone must be On the Fall of an Aeon. She can break easily, and the attack stats are thick enough to be good on her no matter what.

Next, A Secret Vow is great for her DMG buff. But if you play her with sustenance or shield, it’s hard for her to maintain uptime on the second passive.

Lastly, is Nowhere to Run, which provides a similar sustenance to her signature Light Cone. But I’d prioritize the other Battle Pass Light Cone, and pick On the Fall of an Aeon for Clara.

Honkai Star Rail: Clara Light Cones

Team Compositions

You can run a Hypercarry Clara with two supports and a single sustain, or a Hypercarry support and two sustains. For example, Yukong, Luocha, Tingyun, Clara, or replace Yukong and Luocha with two weaker sustains.

You can also take her as a backup DPS. So you’ll need a single sustain or dual sustain. Clara will provide SP for the main DPS, while still providing a lot of team damage.

Note that these examples are not her best team compositions, they are just examples of using the characters I provided. Hope it helps you find the best team for your play style.

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