How To Choose The Most Suitable Light Cone In Honkai Star Rail? - 5-Star Standard Light Cones Analysis

Here is a review of the 5-Star Standard Light Cones. I’ll be looking at them one by one to determine their strength and value compared to other Light Cones options.

Just remember not to take it at face value. Future characters and content may like the current less expensive Light Cones. Light Cone value will change according to your Honkai Star Rail Accounts or your needs.

Honkai Star Rail: How To Choose The Most Suitable Light Cone?

Himeko Light Cones Analysis

Let’s start with Himeko’s signature light cone Night on the Milky Way. It increases the attack power of each enemy on the field by 9.0%, stacking up to 5 times. In addition, when the enemy’s Toughness bar is broken, the wearer will gain a 30% damage buff for 1 round. This is for synergy with Himeko’s Weakness Break follow-up, and it’s a nice cone of light for her.

However, both buffs are conditional and annoying to work around. In content against 1-3 enemies, this attack buff will be as low as 9-27%, and Weakness Break condition is not so easy to hit.

It’s a stunning Light Cone for any Erudition unit. It provides a permanent damage boost to the entire kit based on max energy. While S5 will take a while to hit, S1 already provides Himeko with a 24% kit area damage boost.

For free players, we have Seriousness of Breakfast. In simple S5, it gives an unconditional 24% DMG buff, which is already better than Night on the Milky Way’s conditional 1 turn buff. For each enemy you kill, you gain up to 3 stacks of 8% Attack Damage, equivalent to a 24% Attack Damage Boost.

The only downside is that it has relatively low attack power. So I don’t rate this Light Cone highly. Still, it’s a nice stat stick. Next we have Clara’s signature Light Cone, Something Irreplaceable.

Honkai Star Rail: Himeko Light Cones

Clara Light Cones Analysis

This Light Cone is indeed irreplaceable on Clara. Once per round, attack power increased by 24%, two effects can be obtained when being hit or defeating an enemy. Restores the wearer’s attack power by 8% and increases damage by 24% until the end of the next round. Synergizes perfectly with her gear again.

For low spenders, Nowhere to Run is Destruction’s Battle pass Light Cone. It will provide the same attack damage boost as S1, but with stronger healing. While this won’t proc on hit like Something Irreplaceable does, it will proc every time an enemy is defeated, and isn’t limited to once per turn.

For free players, we have On the Fall of an Aeon and Woof! Walk Time! On the Fall of an Aeon stacks 16% Attack per hit, up to 64%, and gains 24% DMG buff for 2 turns. For a character who can shred Toughness bars, this will provide more value and damage in S5 than Clara did in S1.

And Woof! Walk Time! is very limited and only good on Hook, not as good as other free 5-Star options. Next we have the mighty Bronya’s iconic Light Cone, But the Battle Isn’t Over.

Honkai Star Rail: Clara Full Light Cones Guide

Bronya Light Cones Analysis

I think it’s the second best Light Cone, but without Bronya, it’s down. This Light Cone will provide a nice Energy Regeneration Rate buff and skill points whenever you use an ally’s Ultimate. This is one of the few sources of free skill points in the game, and can be triggered quite often during prolonged fights.

Not only that, but it also gives the next ally to act a 30% damage buff for 1 turn. This is to synergize with Bronya’s advancement skills and high skill point usage. This is a very functional Light Cone, perfect for Bronya in her supercarrier role.

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For the low spender, we have Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds. The point is that it provides buffs on a wider team scale. Carve the Moon is excellent if you use two Harmony units on a team.

For the free play option, we have Past and Future. This is a stronger DPS version of Bronya Light Cone, but with much less utility.

So the best position for Bronya hypercarry setups is her own, then Past and Future. If you love Bronya and want to inspire her, you can choose this one. And for the rest of Harmony's lineup, or less focused hypercarry Bronya, you don’t need it.

Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Light Cones Analysis

Analysis Of Welt Yang Light Cones

Next up is In the Name of the World, which is Welt Yang’s signature Light Cone. It will increase the wearer’s damage against debuffed enemies by 24% and increase the hit rate of their skill effects by 18% and their attack power by 24%.

Since Nihility units always debuff enemies, this is an almost permanent 24% damage buff, and their skills get a nice hit rate and attack damage boost. Great for Welt’s slow and multi-hit abilities to amplify its damage.

The way this Light Cone works is that Attack, and it turned Effect Hit Rate buffs on at the beginning of the skill use and turned off immediately after use. You can’t buffer the ultimate and abuse the buff, or do anything with it outside of your abilities. And Welt has a lower base chance to slow his skills, so this works well for him.

For low spenders, We Will Meet Again is one of the best Light Cones, which provides a onetime bonus damage effect on a basic attack or skill. Good Night and Sleep Well is a gacha Light Cone, but very effective damage against Nihility units initially.

For free-to-players, we also have Fermata, which only works with Sampo, and maybe Kafka. So not really relevant here, and Welt’s Light Cone will beat it on other Nihility units.

If you want a Light Cone with some free stats, and don’t want to sacrifice utility for pure damage. Then Welt’s Light Cone is a good choice for both Welt himself and Sampo.

Honkai Star Rail: Welt Yang Best Light Cones

Bailu Light Cones Analysis

Finally, we come to Bailu’s iconic Light Cone, Time Waits for No One. It will give you some health and output healing, very useful for both Natasha and Bailu. It then records the healing you’ve done and gives the next instance of ally damage some extra damage based on the recorded healing.

Post-Op Conversation is very active for low consumers as it increases Energy Regeneration Rate. It also provides additional healing when using Ultimate. Quid Pro Quo is one such amazing free Light Cone and one of the best free 4-Stars for free players.

Honkai Star Rail: Bailu Light Cones List

Tiny Summary On The Best

Regardless, I think Moment of Victory is the best because of its raw power. The battle will not end as long as you have Bronya. The rest depends on your account and character.

Getting a new limited character or Light Cone should prove even more valuable. Like our Light Cone from Incessant Rain and Welt and OP Light Cone from Seele and Jing Yuan. All in all, that’s my Standard Light Cones review. Hope it helps you find the best Light Cone for you.

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