Updates And Improvements On Lost Ark KR Server! - Lailai Island, PVP Season And More

Here I would like to introduce some recent updates on Lost Ark KR server. Because many people are curious about KR server status. So, I thought it would be great to share some updates on Lost Ark journey. Come with me now. Here’s everything that’s going to cover this improvement.

One thing you need to know before you start, here is the roadmap and update on KR with or without any content or future roadmap for global servers. So it’s more like a preview of updates to KR servers and improvements that have been done or are coming on KR.

Because compared with the global server, KR server has the leading update volume. So, through this content, maybe you can preview or look forward to the future of global servers. Therefore, this new content can serve as a reference for your Lost Ark journey.

As you can see, we’ve seen no major or noticeable updates on KR for about a month. Maybe they’re busy with this week’s events right now, so I’ve been waiting.

Lost Ark: Updates And Improvements On KR Server

Lailai Island

This new adventure island is called Lailai Island. As you can see in the name itself. This is a concept island of Punika, which includes the same competition content as Monte Island.

Lailai Island is a small tower defense game island. With this contest, not only can you store more Lost Ark Gold, but you can also earn rewards that might be useful in your Lost Ark journey. Of course, these rewards also include Island Tokens, decoration for your Stronghold, and toy item.

Lost Ark: Lailai Island

PVP Season

The new PVP and Proving Grounds Seasons have already started on June 7, 2023. This might be a bit late news as I’m not such a PVP player. So, if you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, be sure to check out Proving Grounds as well.

Lost Ark: PVP Season Has Begun!

Lost Ark Summer Notice

Finally, for Lost Ark’s summer announcement, perhaps the most anticipated part for all KR players. We are really hungry for new updates or news right now.

In Lost Ark, you may find some new information about upcoming new classes and new Legion Raids. Since LOA ON always brings us exciting news about Lost Ark. So, I kind of look forward to it.

In addition, when LOA starts, it means that a new Pass Season is coming. That means new Hyper Express Seasons are coming too. In other words, it’s time to develop a new character.

Hyper Express Seasons will provide a ton of level-boosting material for your journey to Lost Ark. Also, it will instantly take you to a certain continent, such as South Vern, or Maybe Elgacia. In addition, LOA ON will bring you more useful things through coupons. So, if you play Lost Ark on KR. Now might be a good time to start.

Lost Ark: Summer Update Notice

Preview Upcoming Updates

In fact, this notification is quite recent. In this summer’s update, you may notice an update to the low-level section. More like a system improvement for lower-level characters. So some layers could be integrated or improved in this summer update.

Currently, Tier 2 gear section has been improved. As the gear level itself goes down, maybe it allows you to move to a continent. Of course, remaining Tier 2 gear on your character can now be swapped out for epic Tier 3 gear.

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No matter what your Honing Level is, it will naturally be replaced by a Level 3 gear set. But if you want to move to the upper layer or the upper continent, you need to complete the previous world or continent tasks before entering, otherwise you cannot enter.

Also, in Stronghold Farming and Crafting, Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials or elements are now integrated into one part. Therefore, it is now possible to remove tier 2 materials such as flavors or crafting recipes. In other words, most low-level crafting and recipes are now integrated and are no longer available on your crafting or life tabs.

Meanwhile, Tier 3 gear has also received another improvement. Tier 3 sections are now tuned to levels 1250 to 1490, reducing the burden of Honing Sessions on these sections, and Honing Levels are also more compressed.

Lost Ark: Gear Honing Beginners Guide

Before this notice, in most Tier 3 sections, you needed to craft 20 to reach item level 1490. But in this notice, this adjustment will only require 15 pieces of equipment to reach the 1490 item level. This means you can reach the 1490 gear level much faster than previous versions.

Of course, I didn’t notice the material requirement on the update page. But I think it’s the most impressive update notification, relieving low level players of Honing Sessions.

Legion Raids gear crafting is now more consistent. For weapons, you now only need Covetous Wing, which is a material that drops from Vykas. And for the helmet, you just need to get Demonic Beast’s Bone dropped by Valtan.

Also, in Honing on Tier 3, all Harmony Leap Stones are now changed to Tier 1 Leap Stones. We can exchange again the previous Leap Stone through NPC. And they also unified Oreha Fusion Material into a part, which is a rare Oreha Fusion Material.

Lost Ark: How to Get Simple Oreha Fusion Material?

As you can see in the notification, the simple Oreha Fusion Material will not be used further. Also, they’re shrinking Shadespire Tower’s floor. The previous version had 50 floors, but as announced in the notice, they will patch it to 20 floors.

In addition, Sailing Coin and Keys will be divided into two parts. Each Coin and Keys has 5 sections to choose from. But now I don’t think we have to carry too many Coins and Keys in the summer patch.

Because now all Engravings can be opened upon reaching level 50. Most importantly, all Engravings now start at level 1 when you turn on Engravings feature. In other words, if you reach level 50, as long as you turn on Engravings function, you can fully use all Engravings starting from level 1. This means you no longer need to read those uncommon Engravings books.


All in all, the above is all the content of Lost Ark update on KR server this time. If you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, then you should definitely not miss this update note.

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