Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release In Honkai Star Rail! - Skills, Relics, Light Cones And More

With Honkai Star Rail 1.2 right around the corner, we’ll also be getting free Yukong Banners in the new patch. We’ll detail why you might need her, how to use her, her strengths and weaknesses, as well as synergies and team comparisons.

But remember, this is pre-release, so don’t take the mechanics explanation as 100% fact. Because her Healing and Talents may be different at launch.

TLDR On Pulling

First, she is a Harmony unit. If you want meta, she can always find a use. She also belongs to Imaginary unit. You don’t need to pull her right away though, as we’re getting a free copy in Honkai Star Rail 1.2.

She’s a strong super carry buffer, but also has the potential to boost both DPS, just like Asta and Bronya. She also acts as a sub DPS, so she’s an elite unit to pick, and having her will give your Honkai Star Rail Accounts 3 different benefits.

Honkai Star Rail: Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release

Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

Her normal attacks are standard and only deal damage, but her Talents do 30 Toughness damage. She also gains 2 stacks of the buff, Roaring Bowstrings. This has a maximum of 2 stacks. When it’s active, all allies’ attack power is increased. Yukong loses 1 stack each time an ally’s turn ends. This means that any ally who can cheat turns like Seele should be able to abuse this like baffling.

Yukong won’t take away Bowstring stacks on the turn she uses skills. Since this depends on the ally’s turn count, you can use multiple DPS ultimates during this buff, and they’ll all get a DPS boost.

Her Ultimate is a buff and a single target Nuke. Additionally, if her buff, Roaring Bowstrings, is active, she also increases her allies’ critical strike chance and critical strike damage. However, from the way the sub-stats and main stats are distributed, we can expect the crit chance gain to be much lower than the crit damage.

Honkai Star Rail: Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

Pros & Cons

Next, let’s take a look at her pros and cons. For pro players, we have double DPS buffs. Therefore, any DPS will love her, and so will any sub DPS with her. Since she is a 4-Star Imaginary unit, we have no luck getting Imaginary element.

Plus, she has enhanced base damage and 90 ultimate Toughness damage. Therefore, it is estimated that she will cause at least 210 points of Toughness damage in 4 rounds. And the two attacks in her gear are also specialized, since she can abuse the best Light Cones in the game, or their corresponding Break Effect.

Now for her flaws. Since she has 2 stacks, she might really need to adjust her speed to be higher than your DPS so they can get that round. Her base stats are low. Harmony units always have a low base stat with a Taunt Value of 100.

Her Energy Generation may be required for her rotations, so you’ll need to get her to Ascension 6 to unlock it. Her Technique looks like a lot of fun to use, but that’s a downside. Because you have to know where all Technique Point Canisters are on the map.

Honkai Star Rail: Fleet of the Ageless

Best Potential Relics

As for her best Relics, supports usually use Musketeer of Wild Wheat. Don’t use Wind Set as it will throw you out of sync in some cases. Also, if you use Ultimate every 2 turns, Wind Set will only give you more turns.

For Planar Ornaments, Fleet of the Ageless would be great for her. For main stats, if you speed tuning, a complete support build can be tank main stats, energy rope, and speed boots.

Tank stats mean she can survive, and she doesn’t scale any buffs based on her stats. So she doesn’t need to stack anything. Right now I think she’s going to be a good hybrid of DPS as well.

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Best Potential Light Cones

With Light Cone, she can abuse Memories of the Past to gain energy. A 56% Break Effect is equivalent to an additional 16.8% delay when breaking an enemy’s weak point. But the damage is negligible because Imaginary has the weakest damage.

Past and Future is also an option, but requires speed adjustments. So for low DPS, I recommend you choose Memories of the Past.

Honkai Star Rail: Memories of the Past

Two Playstyles

As for playstyle, if you want to go all-in you can, and it will work just fine. You can also do a low DPS mix as she gives herself a huge damage output and a crit buff for huge last damage.

Additionally, her base attacks are also buffed, so she can do a ton of decent damage even though she’s a Harmony unit. Keep in mind that she has low base stats, so this is a dangerous playstyle.

You’ll also need to run Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past, to replace the lack of energy rope. But her ego buff should give her some decent damage. You can also abuse the damage since she doesn’t get rid of her own Bowstring stack.

Break Effect Rope and Memories of the Past can give you 66.24% action delay when breaking enemies, and you will break a lot of imaginary weak enemies.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Teams For Yukong

Synergies And Team Comps

For synergy, I’m going to use Welt and Luocha for mono Imaginary. Welt needs enough Effect Hit Rate to guarantee his debuff uptime and power. So it was fun to get him more Effect Hit Rate and give him those crits and attack buffs.

Luocha scales with his attack, so any buffs help his Healing. Since he doesn’t need to take turns healing, this means that every attack you make, as long as Yukong is buffed, will be more effective, and emergency skills will heal more.

The obvious and only mono Imaginary combination right now is Welt, Luocha, Yukong, and Silver Wolf. But Yukong is a Harmony unit, any team can go. I recommend taking a solo sustain and running a main DPS with flex. This could be a hypercarry with sub DPS, or another buffer and debuffer.

That’s all my analysis of the pre-release Yukong, I hope this helps you understand the character better. All in all, let’s look forward to Yukong.

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