Lost Ark: 2023 April Update Patch Notes

With the release of Lost Ark’s April patch, Brelshaza hard mode and related new Ancient gear will also follow, and this patch has also made players look forward to it.

At the same time, this patch will also introduce new guardian raid tasks, powerful Sidereal gear and also open Fortunespire tier three. Of course, there will still be rich cosmetics that players have been waiting for in this update.

Players can craft high-quality Ancient gear by obtaining enough rare materials in this hard mode of Brelshaza legion raid. However, players must first reach item level 1540 and equip a complete set of Relic gear from Phantom Legion Commander raid mission before continuing to make new Ancient gear.

Or you can get Ancient accessories by participating in Brelshaza Hard, South Vern chaos dungeons in despair level one and two, Proving Grounds, and the new Hanumatan guardian raid.

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At the same time, the first 25 floors of Fortunespire tier three have all been opened, starting from item level 1490 to item level 1530 on the highest floor. Additionally, there will be a Sweet Sugarpetal festival running from April 12th to May 10th where players have the chance to win a ‘Sweet Cake headwear selection chest’, among other rewards.

This Lost Ark April update will start from March 12 at 6am PDT / 9am EDT / 2pm BST / 3pm CEST, and it will also suspend the server for about 6 hours. Here is the full description of the patch for this update.

Brelshaza Hard Mode

With this update, Phantom Legion Commander will return in a more difficult 8-player Legion Raid mode. As the difficulty increases, the rewards will increase accordingly, and players can obtain rare materials for making Ancient gear. However, players who want to participate in Brelshaza Hard Mode also need certain conditions:

  • Item Level 1540 for Gates 1 and 2
  • Item Level 1550 for Gates 3 and 4
  • Item Level 1560 for Gates 5 and 6

Lost Ark April Update Adds Brelshaza Hard Mode and New Gear Tier

Hanumatan Guardian Raid

Anikka has always regarded as a very sacred existence as solar Guardian Hanumatan. Therefore, Anikka’s martial artists also strengthened a new martial arts system based on Hanumatan’s behavior.

This set of martial arts exerted great power as early as 500 years ago in the middle of Chain War. But due to the chaotic changes of Arkesia affecting Hanumatan, it also gradually awakened from its slumber.

Players who want to challenge Hanumatan Guardian Raid need to reach item level 1540 first. Like Brelshaza Hard Mode, the player can obtain a series of Ancient accessories by successfully killing Guardian’s soul. Like other Level 6 Guardian Raids quests, players are likely to pick up Legendary Galewind Rune that drops during the fight.

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I will reward players with a first pass reward in each tier of Fortunespire. Such as the new Masterpiece, Skill Point Potion, Achievements or Lost Ark Gold and so on. Other rewards, such as honing materials, can also be obtained if the player clears the level again later on the same level.

Lost Ark April Update Patch Notes

Among them, only the first customs clearance reward is bound by Roster, while other pass rewards are bound by the player’s role. It will gradually open the last 25 floors of Fortunespire during future updates. There are also some requirements for players to enter Fortunespire:

  • Floors 1 – 5: 1490
  • Floors 6 – 10: 1500
  • Floors 11 – 15: 1510
  • Floors 16 – 20: 1520
  • Floors 21 – 25: 1530

Sidereal Weapons And Quests

Sidereal Weapons are a brand new piece of equipment that came out of Lost Ark update. Players can obtain it in the relevant questline after reaching item level 1520.

The player’s questline will begin by finding ‘Sidereal: Galatur’s Will’ item. Players will find dropped items after completing Brelshaza Legion Raid on Normal or Hardmode, which players can use to trigger a new questline.

At the same time, it has added two new materials to upgrade Sidereal Weapons, namely Sidereal Energy and Romantic Ingredient Kits. Romantic Ingredient Kits players can make use of the trade skills in Stronghold.

Lost Ark April Update Sidereal Weapons

Sidereal Unity combines your weapons and skills to become even more powerful. Each sidereal will have its own different skill effects. Sidereal Unity is available for free when players upgrade their Sidereal Weapon to level 6 for the first time. After that, if you want to change again, you need Stones of Chaos.

Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Event

This Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Event will start with Lopang Corporation Manager Hytino needing help. Players need to find and open relevant quest lines in the principal cities in the game.

As players complete daily Una missions in special events, players can receive a variety of rich rewards. Una’s reputation points will also increase as players participate in more activities.

They will hold this event from April 12th to May 10th, and the event prizes are very rich, whether it is cosmetics such as Sweet Cake Headwear Selection Chest, Leapstones, or Relic Rapport Selection Chest. They are all waiting for you to get. So don’t forget to participate in the event on time.

Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Event

Store Updates

The store update also brings new cosmetics to players. They are Petrania from the land of darkness and chaos, and Stronghold cleaning, which is very suitable for spring. A ‘Bonus Room’ section has also been added. They automatically given it to the player as a reward whenever the player acquires a series of items in the shop.

Players can also find out more about the rest of the update on the official Lost Ark website. Including quality of life adjustments, some bug fixes, and new events for some armor sets.

The above is all the information I have on Lost Ark April update patch. I hope these can help you understand the game mechanics after the update, so that you can have a better start when you start the game. The important thing is, don’t forget to participate in the event on time!

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