WOTLK Classic: Blizzard Reverted The Changes - Feral Druid Nerfed Already!

Recently, this Feral Druid build has been enhanced to become one of the most powerful classes in WOTLK Classic. They actually technically seem to be the highest DPS class for a single target at the end of ICC. So they will also be Giga Chads in WOTLK Classic.

No one really saw it coming at all. But with today’s changes, there’s a hotfix that’s gone live that has crippled them to where they were before. However, it will still be a little stronger than before, and still maintain a smoother play style. But I’m going to break it all down for you guys very quickly.

Changes To Faerie Fire

First off, maybe you didn’t know that the change that happened last week was a clear harbinger, which it was about to change Faerie Fire. This now means that Feral Druid builds won’t have to transition from Cat Form to other forms or go straight to Bear Form during the actual DPS rotation.

Since it still regenerates energy whenever they run out of energy, or when they break out of Feral Form or break out of Cat Form, that means Bear Form is probably the main playstyle for this build.

Feral Druid Nerf came too soon

If you also want to do more damage to your enemies, it’s something to do when you’re out of energy. You can think of the enemy as a Rogue. But that will drain all of your energy, and you won’t be able to use any of the attacks you’ve been able to change form in the past.

Then, buffing with Mark of the Wild or Gift of the Wild is all you really need to do throughout the raid. There’s also a clear harbinger that follows, letting you go back to Cat Form and freecast, which is basically a clear cast for your next ability as well. Pharaoh seems ridiculously expensive due to this change, but players have to use WOTLK Classic Gold to get it, in order to boost the build.

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Feral Druid Build DPS Changes

As I mentioned before, at the end of the game, they assume the highest DPS spec in the signal target. This is actually an early sim, but that’s not true. They tend to get anywhere from four to six hundred DPS in a three-minute fight. This is a full Shadowmourne or Fury Warrior reference when using items from Ruby Sanctum.

So use items from Ruby Sanctum just to try to get more DPS. These Fury Warriors will still be behind them, and that’s what happened to Feral Druid today.

Feral Druid Nerfed Already

Physical Damage Nerf

There’s a talent called Naturalist, it’s one of the talents in the tree, it gives you 5% more physical damage. There are some changes here. In the past, it would give you 10% more damage. So every actual skill point you put in here, the 2% increase is actually what we had before.

This is a 5% Nerf to the raw damage done by all physical attacks. It’s not just a DPS reduction to those Feral Cats. But that means all of your Feral Druid off-tanks do 5% less damage, which also means more fighting threats and big changes.

Actually, Feral Druid is already pretty strong in PVP, but a 5% damage reduction is a huge Nerf for the class. This will hit them hard. Despite only seeing a 5% reduction in static damage, this was really only noticed in live realms.

It has now been reported on the official website. I’m sure we’ll have a Blizzard post about it soon. But the hotfix is already live. So if you’ve re-selected Feral Druid, or we’re planning to return your referrals, please be aware of this change.

Blizzard just stealth nerf feral

Just to quickly break down the amount of DPS change before updating sims. You’ll obviously see that it should be a fixed 5%. But if you want to check for yourself how much DPS you will lose with this change. You can try dropping a Naturalist down to 2% and it will give you a fairly general idea of what to expect in a three-minute fight. You’ll lose about 270 to 300 DPS.

This obviously drops off exponentially as we get into the later stages, especially as we’re seeing people in sims apparently lose about 600 to more DPS. But I’m sure it won’t be long before sims will continue to be updated with these changes.

I know that players who choose Feral Druid may be very angry about this. This is an enormous change, especially one that happened without announcing it. But I’m still looking forward to what’s going to happen next.

All in all, that’s all I have to say about Blizzard reverting changes, Feral Druid build Nerfed events. There might be more to come. If you have other ideas or find a way to fix the build, you are welcome to discuss it in the community. Good luck to all players.

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