Elden Ring Latest Patch Note: Garden Of Eyes Mod, New Weapons And Bosses Showcase

Today we’ll be discussing one of the biggest updates made to the Garden of Eyes Mod in Elden Ring’s latest patch. Also, the main thing we’ve been talking about for the past few months is now our ability to add entirely new Movesets instead of replacing Movesets, and that’s done now.

Thanks to the tools developed to help. But we still want to modify all Movesets we have done, although this is still just the tip of the iceberg. In the meantime, we’ll show you everything in the latest update. Without further ado, let’s start now.

Blasphemous Claw

One of the weapons we’re rebuilding from scratch right now is the Blasphemous Claw. In the past, due to the problem of Root Motion, Claw could not attack along the correct trajectory, but would slide in a strange trajectory. So we decided to completely redo the weapon.

First, we gave it an accurate Trail. So you can see Claws you’re actually attacking and their trail as you attack. We also added the Claw Moveset to the one hand animation. But the main part is when you use both hands, you see the power you can channel the horror. When you wield them into hand mode, you’ll have the idle animation of the character walking.

Elden Ring Garden Of Eyes Mod

We’ve also completely reworked the animations, and we’ve also balanced some of the attacks. And there is a big difference. It looks more refined. It looks more player-friendly now, and it looks even better.

Moon’s Wrath

Next up is something we discussed earlier, which is Moon’s Wrath weapon. It’s one of the first Whoppers custom perks we want to use in Elden Ring. It is also Hybrid weapon of Carian Piercer, Daggers, Hammer.

It harnesses the power of Glintstone Sorceries magic. You can actually boost its weapon damage effects in there, and it’ll extend the hitbox of the attack, which gives it a really cool lightsaber effect. Of course, we also implemented the shapeshifting attack in Bloodborne. It’s a very interesting weapon. We also made Godslayer’s Greatsword before, and we created a Godskin replica of it called Black Flame Greatsword.

Now there’s a lot of connection between Godslayer and Godskin, including Fire Monks part that was previously dumped on them. So they decided to create a replica of the weapon, which has a whole new weapon art, and we also used Gael Moveset.

Then we have another new weapon made by Roaring Forge, Whirlwind. This is an Ornamental Straight Sword that can even channel the power of storms. When you use weapon art, it boosts weapon damage with the ultimate power of wind. You’ll have a very short 10-second buff, pounding enemies that spawn Storm Blades.

Abundance Twinblade

Abundance Twinblade

Next we also improved Abundance Twinblade. The previous animations were choppy too, and it was pretty long for Ash of War’s one-on-one attacks. So we split them into two different animations. If you get another input at this point, it will continue to attack. We’ve also fixed the animations to be more friendly.

We also changed the ending, so it doesn’t spawn boomerangs when attacking. This is also a special weapon we created for Lordsworn’s Greatsword, with every aspect of Rune Arc in mind. They disappear and appear, like the cunning Knight, which is also good news for faith-building.

We’ve returned Golden Order Greatsword and Illinois since we had to replace them with other weapons earlier. But now we can actually separate Moveset. Now they are actually two separate weapons that you can use in the mod.

How we rebuilt Bloodborne's Gun System in Elden Ring

Bloodborne’s Gun

Finally, we have a new pistol, Bloodborne’s gun, which is a carrier-themed pistol. You can use it for the gun match mechanism to get the most out of it. We also have another variant of it, a corrupt patch with red Glintstone.

So now just to let you know this is a very early weapon and what you see has changed a lot since then. But you can still look forward to it. All of these players are now in early access to Garden of Eyes Mod which gives you access to over 20 new weapons, 30 types of armor, flying mounts and many other great mods and overhaul mods. I believe that everyone likes to play.

As I said, players are currently in early access. But once developed, they will be released for free. At the same time, I will continue to pay attention to the follow-up content of Garden of Eyes Mod. If you want to experience it too, don’t forget to hurry up and get involved. Hope this information will help you.

In addition, it is worth noting that players still need to build characters and bring relevant equipment in advance before starting the game. You can also do it with enough Elden Ring Runes. You can also get 5% off with code "CSCCA" at IGGM.com. Come and try it.

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