How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

If you’re looking for an explosive, fun, unpredictable offensive scheme that will help you win more games in Madden 24, you can’t miss this guide! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Offensive Scheme Breakdown

For this scenario, we will use a spread offensive playbook, using Ace Slot Offset formation.

The tactic we are going to discuss is posts. This tactic has many setups that we can use to defeat man coverage or zone coverage. Therefore, mastering this tactic can help you win games easily and earn tons of MUT 24 coins!

How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

Man Coverage Tactics

For man coverage, we have 4 different layouts.

Deep Ball Setup

The first layout is a deep ball setup that can bomb any man-coverage. On this play, I like to place the trips side on the short side of the field so that the slant and post have more space to separate themselves from the defender.

For adjustments, you want to put the slot receiver on the slant, the outside receiver on the post, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then the running backs on the wheels, and you need to move the running back to the trips side.

Putting Tight Ends on the flat is just to create better route spacing. You can also put Tight Ends on drag routes.

Now, if your opponent doesn’t have deep half help, you can leave this running back wheel wide open for a touchdown.

If the route is not open, you will want to read slant and post. Usually, these routes will handle any man-coverage you may face.

MUT 24: 4 Man Coverage Setups

Misdirection & Crossers

The next man beater in play involves Misdirection and Crossers. All you have to do is put the outside receiver on the post, the slot receiver on the slope, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then move the running backs on Texas route to the trips side.

The benefit of this is that this setup looks very similar to the first play we discussed, which will make it difficult for your opponent to predict what you are going to run.

But please note that instead of taking the running back wheel route, he takes this inverted Texas route, almost like a slant route. And this route is nearly impossible for the user or computer to secure, like what you see here.

Also note that in this game, both slant and post are wide open.

Short Yardage

The next man beater we want to discuss is Short Yardage.

First you want to make sure the trips side is at the far end of the field, then put the outside receiver on the drag and the inside wide receiver on the zig. Then you have to signal the powerful side Tight End to let him score consecutively.

What you are mainly reading here is drag and zig. Typically, you’ll see zig open in some easy yards. If these routes are not open, your next destination is Texas route and corner route.

What makes this play so great is the way your route creates separation on either side of the field, making the user unsure of where to go.

Best Short Yard Offense In Madden 24!

Corner Route

Now let’s review the last man beater. I like to do this tactic between the 10 and 20 yard lines. And again, you want to make sure you set the trips on the remote side.

What you want to do is put the outside receiver on the slant, leave the slot receiver in the corner, and keep everything else the same.

The first thing you read here is the corner route, which is great against man coverage, but you have to make sure you throw the ball when the receiver cuts. This will ensure that the defender has no chance to steal the ball.

Madden 24: Add These Routes to Any Play to Beat Man Coverage

Zone Beaters Tactics

Now we want to review the zone beaters in this scheme. We’ll keep the same play and formation, Posts in Ace Slot Offset.

Posts In Ace Slot Offset

To start any plan, you need a Flood Concept, which has a deep route, medium route, and short route.

However, for this play, you need to run Flood Concept on the other side of the field. The way we set it up in this scheme is to place the outside receiver on the vertical. Since you only have to make one adjustment, you can try to overwhelm your opponent so they don’t have time to adjust their defense.

Now the players you want to read are the two defenders. If the outside corner runs with the vertical, and the slot corner defends a flat route, it will leave the corner route open on the sideline.

If you feel your opponent is applying pressure, quickly look at Tight End on the flat. If no one is covering the flat at the snap, you can quickly throw to Tight End for a few easy yards.

Madden 24: Posts In Ace Slot Offset

Double Mable Beater

The next play we will discuss is Double Mable Beater. Meta coverage in Madden 24 is Double Mable, with flat zone at 30 yards and curl flat at 5 yards.

The purpose of the defense is to guard the sidelines. To overcome this coverage, all you have to do is put the slot receiver on the streak. When we spike the ball, you can see this streak taking over the back-line. This opens up space for a post route into the midfield, yielding huge gains. You just have to make sure you throw the ball away before the safety has time to react and interrupt the play.

MUT 24: How To Beat The Double Mable? - Formations Route Combos RPOs

Flood Concept

For the next zone beaters, we will create another Flood Concept by placing the outside receiver in a vertical position. Then we’ll move the running back and put him in a vertical position.

We made this design for running backs. The goal is to pull any flat or neutral zone defender away from the center of the field. If this happens, the running back will be open. This play style is dominant because it adds an extra component to Flood Concept.

Another way to set up this tactic is to signal the powerful side Tight End and have him go flat. Then place Tight End on the vertical line.

Run Plays

For the last part of this scheme, we’ll review Run Plays.

The first Run Play we will discuss is RPO Slot Bubble. If you find you have a numerical advantage on the trips side, pass the ball to the bubble, which will help give your best player some easy yardage in space.

Madden 24: RPO Slot Bubble

If a player lines up over the bubble receiver, watch the defender. If he stays flat flooded, you can still pass the ball to the bubble.

If you pass the ball, make sure you don’t hold the right trigger before crossing the line of scrimmage. This will optimize your blocking, allowing more people to miss and gain some easy yardage.

The final Run Play is called Outside Zone. The key to this style of play is to take the ball outside and, once you see an opening, drive through it. You also need to be wary of any cutback lanes in this play.


That’s the complete guide to the spread offensive playbook. This formation alone can win you multiple games. So, hurry up and try it out!

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