New World: Update for Patch 1.8.3

The developers of New World have just released an updated Patch 1.8.3, which also marks the beginning of Legacy of Crassus World Boss event, including fixes and improvements for some general issues in MMO. 

At the same time, New World will also switch to Seasonal Model in the future, and provide players with free and advanced Battle Pass.

The new first season of New World is called Fellowship & Fire and will be released on March 28th. At the same time, this new patch will add new story missions, new adventures, and new Hearttrune Abilities, including New World's Patch of Dungeons and storage missions for Brightwood and Weaver's Fen zones and gear sets.

New World Update

The duration of each season is about three months, and the developer decided to release the roadmap for the next season at the end of this year. The developer intends to add much-requested features like gear transmog, raid groups, and cross-server Outpost Rush in Season 2, which are very popular with players. 

The first expansion to New World will be released this fall alongside the third season. At the same time, a long-awaited feature will also be added-mounts. Existing areas of the game will also be "transformed" and include some new main storylines, new weapons, and new adventures. In this regard, the developer has not yet announced whether the upcoming new expansion will be free.

New World has enjoyed a lot of success during the year since its release in 2021. Even after the release of New World, the loss of players was severe, and the number of online players plummeted, making it difficult to maintain the existing player base. 

However, the developers of New World did not give up on this game. And it has been improving the game through stable update output and various seasonal activities or other limited-time activities to enrich the fun of the world of Aeternum and increase player activity

These updates bring players new weapons, main storylines, adventure maps, and dungeons to explore. While improving the gameplay, it has made major improvements to the balance of the in-game economy.

In this update, New World has added Legacy of Crassus limited-time event. The main takeaway from the event is that after Roman General Crassus’ defeat, its Level 66 Cyclops Captains invade the south and wreak havoc.

And their players can get unique rewards by challenging Lucanus and Decimus. In addition, it will reward players for defeating them every day, until we can get all rewards after defeating Lucanus and Decimus eight times in a row. 

New World Deluxe Edition

Therefore, players should be able to get these rewards fairly easily before the event ends on March 7. Of course, no matter how many times we killed the boss every day, some daily rewards will still be issued normally.

This update of New World’s seasonal Battle Pass will include free or premium bonus items. In Battle Pass, players can complete various challenges through the game’s season adventures, and earn season XP to get cosmetics and New World Coins.

And these New World Coins are one of the important tools to help players get weapon XP as soon as possible or improve trading skills and equipment. If you want to improve your skills quickly, complete more tasks and PVP battles, you can get enough New World Coins through to help you get a better game experience.

Among them, the advanced Battle Pass will use 20,000 New World Coins, which also makes players need a proper use of nearly 20 dollars if they want to open Battle Pass

This Battle Pass here contains 100 levels of free and advanced items, which can be shared among multiple characters in the same service area, but one character can only claim each reward.

What is New World

In Q&A section of New World’s official website, the developers have tried to explain that Battle Pass will reward corresponding equipment, in order to reduce players’ concerns about the status quo of Battle Pass. 

The developer explained that not all the equipment in Battle Pass can be got just by relying on the free Battle Pass. In the free Battle Pass, players can only get equipment points only 600, and cannot obtain the privileges of the advanced Battle Pass from other channels.

As New World players expect, all the bug fixes, quality of life improvements, economic balance, and mode updates are in this patch.

At the same time, some resources that cannot be exchanged will be returned to the factory again, recent activities will replace some too frequent expedition missions, and some bugs of Dryad Soldiers that cannot harm players will be fixed.

New World is releasing its last major content in October 2022. At that time, the developer launched a new Brimstone Sands section and changed some novice areas to provide new players with a better gaming experience. 

MMO was once the best result Amazon launched in 2021, and even briefly topped Steam game list, and the upper limit of the number of players reached 1 million when the game was released.

This will be the beginning of this year, and looking at it now, New World’s roadmap for 2023 is very reasonable. At the same time, New World is developing the popular Transmog System, including raid groups, quest improvements, and cross-world outpost rush, which will be released in the spring and summer of 2023.

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