WOTLK Classic: How To Make As Much Passive Gold As Possible Before Phase 3

Today, we’ll be discussing my favorite Passive Goldmakers. Because I’m really busy upgrading my Hardcore Bracelet. So I have to rely on some of my favorite Passive Goldmakers to make gold on a daily basis.

Although these Passive Goldmakers will help you make gold on a daily basis, you’ll still have to farm and prepare materials in advance. Or you can complete the first six tasks in a few minutes each day to get the materials. We have daily tasks before reclamation, which is why a lot of people always wonder why there is always so much wood in my bag.

In fact, I just pre-farmed Jack Me Some Lumber Quest a few weeks ago, and when I farmed that quest, the gold effect per hour was even over 1800. If you’re unfamiliar with Jack Me Some Lumber Quest, you can turn in 12 Lumbers for 21 WOTLK Classic Gold. But I don’t need to because I can grow over 1100 Lumbers an hour.

Make Tons of Passive Gold Before Wotlk Phase 3

When I use Druid, the effective gold per hour is more than 1800. Then, I just log in everyday and remember to complete the tasks. I also pre-farmed Jousting Quests in Grand Melee and Champions Quests, and got an additional profit of 44 WOTLK Classic Gold per day.

Plus, you’ll get one Valiant’s Seal and up to two Champion’s Seals, as well as some quests about pre-farming. The only annoying thing is that it fills your inbox with a bunch of really annoying reminders.

We usually make a passive profit from TSM Desktop Application. Many good goal makers in the game use add-ons for TSM Desktop Application to find great deals.

But a few months ago, many of my favorite features stopped working, like TSM Vendor Search and Disenchanting. That’s because Blizzard is dealing with a lot of server issues. And they don’t want people spamming that Auction House over and over again. But actually I have excellent news that there is a way to restore TSM Vendor Search and Disenchanting.

If you download TSM Desktop Application, you can actually magically do TSM Vendor Search and Disenchanting again. But the best part is that very few people know this. So now every time I do disenchanting, it’s actually easy to make a profit, usually a passive profit of 50-100 WOTLK Classic Gold.

How To Make Gold in WOTLK Classic

Even after all this time, I still love turning Netherweave Cloth into thick Netherweave Bandage. However, I also keep a little Netherweave Cloth on hand each day so I can invest in lower-priced fabrics to make some profit.

I like the way I use bait cloth to increase the speed at which I make a profit. Just by investing in another piece of Frostweave Cloth for 12 silver per day, I was able to amass a lot of cloth for a cheap price. It can then craft passively cloth, even in my spare time.

I also like to do the same with Radvale for Mad Alchemist’s Potion and Jaggal Pearl, even though technically the vendor can’t help me. I also like to turn Pygmy Suckerfish into Pygmy Oil. Since I have an Alchemist by my side, I can passively craft potions of Speed and Wild Magic as long as they are profitable. Before entering Phase 2, we also need a pre-farmed Jewelcrafting Guide.

I’m actually really late for this activity, but pre-farmed Fuel Crafting every day is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Now, you take advantage of these Passive Goldmakers. All you have to do is grab a bunch of materials for Jewelcrafting every day. For example, when you go to kill Dark Iron Dwarf, you can get these materials over and over again, and then stack them infinitely.

BEST GOLD Farming Methods for WOTLK Classic

Jewelcrafting Dailies are in stock every day, from which you will be able to get 21 Coins and 1 Jewelcrafter’s Token. You can turn that token into Dragon’s Eye for an 80-90 gold profit, or just grab some recipes either way. This is a great way to earn coins in the open world and complete daily quests at the same time.

Another Jewelcrafting Dailies you should be doing is Icy Prism. Actually, I’m not doing it, mostly because it’s not really that profitable right now. But if we make them in the next stage, we will get Epic Gems. So it’s also a good idea to stockpile all the materials to build a bunch of Icy Prisms.

Each material has original properties. I have a list of high-volume items that help me flip through daily at lower prices. And some of my favorite items to flip over are Infinite Dust and Northern Spices. I don’t care if they’re worth it. As long as there’s an Infinite Dust below 1.1 gold, I’ll take it.

I have to guarantee they will be re-priced at 1.3-1.4 gold. I can store these items for 48 hours because there is no deposit. This is a great way to get passive gold into the game, while material prices can flow forever.

As long as you’re doing high-volume projects, you’ll keep making money. After you’ve earned a lot of passive gold, you need to prepare as much as possible for Phase 3. You need to pay close attention to official information in time to ensure that you don’t miss any key preparations. I hope these will help you, and I wish you a happy life.

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