WotLK Classic: Level 80 Crash Rookie's Guide

Attention to new players who want to learn about Wrath of Lich King Classic in WotLK Classic. Although the current map is more smooth after expansion, it is still not an easy task if you want to level up. You may be discouraged by its difficulty and give up or consider an easier class.

From the first level to the 80th Level, it takes an average of 150-200 hours to complete. But the main difficulty lies between the 70-80 Level. It may take 20-40 hours. Players will often be distracted while exploring Northrend, leading to inevitable deaths. But fortunately, some players have successfully overcome the difficulties and collected some experience and skills.

Selection Of Consumables

We spent a lot of time upgrading. Although each profession has some rewards, we are still afraid of the sudden death threat in WotLK Classic.

In this case, you can redeem some consumables by getting enough WotLK Classic Gold in IGGM.com. Among them, for some occupations that cannot heal themselves, Health potions are particularly important in battle.

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Likewise, for some classes that consume a lot of mana, such as Mages, Warlocks, and some Healer, Mana potions will increase your damage at critical moments, thus saving you from death. In battle, Food and Drink are equally important. They can help you recover faster so that you can go into battle faster. At the same time, you can also get a lot of WotLK Classic Gold by auctioning looted cloth.

Professional Choice

Players always ignore the importance of professional selection. Choosing a suitable professional will help players shorten the upgrade time.

For example, if you choose Mining and Skinning or Herbalism and other professions to use WotLK Classic Gold to get equipment, it will be guaranteed that you can replace Worn-out Helm before Level 15.

Through this idea, you can know that Engineering will be a powerful major in WotLK. You can increase damage by making explosives, and you can also make your own mounts.

Quick Way To Gain Experience

There are several ways to gain experience in WotLK Classic, such as Grinding, Questing, Dungeons, and even Battlegrounds. However, the best way to go is Questing and Dungeons.

Quick Leveling

If you prefer to play alone, you can gain enough experience by doing quests, as you can complete most of them by yourself. However, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a player with a class advantage who can use pets or items to heal themselves, you may need help from others.

Of course, in order to save task time, you can concentrate on finding the task center instead of upgrading through individual tasks. This will shorten the time for players to complete tasks.

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There is also a very important thing: if you want to form a team to complete the task, you ensure that the experience you gain can be reasonably distributed among the group. So before deciding to form a team, please make sure that there are enough experience points to distribute.

Dungeons Experience

Currently, practicing in Dungeons is the best way to level up quickly. Players can start Dungeon’s quests before Level 10 by running Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, or even The Deadmines. Of course, this level is very difficult for most people, unless you have good equipment and teammates.

Other Tips

Please keep your Hearthstone up to date so that you can travel to major cities as quickly as possible. Of course, you can also choose to go to the mission point to complete the mission. Going to a city starts with visiting an Auctioneer or Banker, they can help you upgrade your items so you can store more items.

Plus, your kill XP will gain 200% more after each rest until you run out. If you charge at a rate of 5% every eight hours, you can boost up to a level and a half. So, when you are in the rest area, you can AFK for a long time.

WotLK Classic investment and preparation

If it has upgraded your character to the highest level, please be sure to equip Heirloom items on him. Chest and shoulder items should be at the top of your list, as these are the only parts that will increase your XP per item by 10%. While other items are rewards, it will upgrade only Heirloom items as you level up. No need for you to do it manually.

Although you can only choose to upgrade by doing tasks or Dungeons experience, but after the practice of most players, you can also know that the combination of the two will help you upgrade faster. Doing tasks can help some novice players understand the rules of the world faster and immerse you in it.

It’s also the best way to gain experience when you’re trying to form a Dungeons group. In Dungeons, you gain experience quickly, which rewards you by allowing you to enter a new area, or level up some gear.

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