WoW Classic: Rookie’s Guide To Darkmoon Faire

Players who take part in these Darkmoon Faire events will be able to obtain prizes provided by Faire, and players can use these prizes to exchange for WoW Classic Gold. These events are like a real Carnival for players.

World of Warcraft players must exchange their tickets for prizes at Darkmoon Faire events. Players can also collect as many rewards as possible by doing more daily tasks. 

Darkmoon Faire events usually last for a week. However, if the player fails to participate in this event on time, it may be difficult for the player to collect the same rewards in the next month’s event.

Below, they will dedicate it to World of Warcraft Classic, which includes Wrath of Lich King. Darkmoon Faire has changed a lot after Cataclysm expansion. However, the player’s location in the old playground will still find the path to the modern Darkmoon Faire, which will be a fixed location and always open to the player.

Classic WoW Darkmoon Faire Guide


It will still hold the event at three locations. Two of them are in Old Azeroth, and one is in Outland. The location of the event changes every month, from Goldshire at the beginning to Thunder Bluff, then to Shattrath, and finally back to the woods of Elwynn, showing a cycle. This time, the venues are:

Elwynn Forest. This is a small forest in the south of Goldshire, and it is also close to Alliance capital city of Stormwind. It is rich in materials and convenient for transportation. But players need to be very careful when they come here to take risks.

Plains of Mulgore. This is a small hill on the north side of Mulgore, sparsely populated, far away from Tauren capital Thunder Bluff, and few people come here.

South of Shattrath. This is outside the south gate of Outland’s capital city in Terrokar Forest, one of the few neutral places in the game.

Not all characters in Darkmoon Faire require players to exchange tickets for them. Someone is exchanging some rare items with players for old-fashioned gold, but players can only see these rare items when the market is open. 

World of Warcraft Darkmoon Faire Location And Schedule

Near the main entrance of Darkmoon Faire, the boss Silas Darkmoon is welcoming some take parting players, and there are bodyguards on both sides of it.


If the player urgently needs some items to help him complete the task, there are also some suppliers here that will provide the player with the required items.

  • Sayge: Players usually only need to answer some minor questions correctly here in Sayge to get a lot of precious scroll rewards. If the player wants to take the written test, there is also a chance to get a very good wealth task to help the player accumulate WoW Classic Gold.
  • Flik: Players can get corresponding rewards by throwing the ball here.
  • Sylannia: Here you can provide players with unique drinks that have never been seen elsewhere, which is also very good for players to improve the vitality of their characters.
  • Professor Thaddeus Paleo: There are any scroll treasures that players want here, and players only need to exchange them with Darkmoon decks.
  • Lhara: Open a booth together with Thaddeus, where players can mainly see the precious gemstones of the two.

Task Issuer

There are many NPCs here that allow players to exchange rare items for Darkmoon Faire tickets. Of course, in addition to this method, players can also get Darkmoon Faire ticket rewards by completing other tasks. You can get quests through these NPCs:

  • Kerri Hicks
  • Yebb Neblegear
  • Rinling
  • Chronos
  • Morja

The player’s increased reputation in World of Warcraft’s Darkmoon Faire has no real benefit to the player except for adjusting the price of some supplier items.

Darkmoon Faire Card Decks

Players can find these Darkmoon Faire Card Decks in the open world of Azeroth, where they drop randomly. Although these Darkmoon Faire Card Decks usually appear more frequently in more advanced areas like Strathholme. However, with Inscription added to the game, this phenomenon has also eased. 

Typically, A in Darkmoon Faire Card Decks are the hardest for players to find. Its drop probability is very small, and some players have seen this card on the boss in the endgame raid. Therefore, players need to use more WoW Classic Gold if they want to get it in the auction house.

Everything To Expect With The Darkmoon Faire

A complete set of Darkmoon Faire Card Decks has a total of eight cards, from A to 8. Players can only complete the set if they find all of them. 

Once found, players will also need to return all Darkmoon Faire Card Decks to Darkmoon Fortune Teller or Professor Thaddeus Paleo in order to receive all rewards.

Darkmoon Faire Card Decks also have quality differences. Ordinary cards are of Blue quality, while some special ones are of Epic, or purple quality, and so are the rewards players get with these cards. Of course, the levels of these cards can only be distinguished by Inscriptionists. 

In addition, there are four unique cards, namely Rogues, Swords, Mages, and Demon’s Deck. These special cards will be strictly produced, and players will not get these special cards in any open world, but you can choose whether to trade them.

Darkmoon Faire Rewards

Players can use these Darkmoon Faire tickets to redeem corresponding rewards at NPC Gelvas Grimegate, where there are many wonderful prizes. Some are purely cosmetic items, while others are important items that are of significant benefit to the player in combat.

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