RuneScape: Popular For The Reason

In recent years, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 are actually still very popular with players, even in MMORPGs where new games are emerging one after another. They also have a loyal player base.

Some would argue that RuneScape is only surviving on player nostalgia right now. Yes, this is indeed part of the reason. 

But RuneScape wouldn’t have survived so long if it had relied solely on nostalgia. If you can start the game from a new account in 2023 and review the game from the perspective of a new player, you will know the secret of RuneScape’s survival for so long.

High Degree Of Freedom

One of the things that players like most about RuneScape is that it doesn’t impose any hard requirements on your gaming habits, and is limited to a certain “class”. You can choose Melee, Ranged, and Magic at random, and players can play as much as they want. 

While Class Systems are often helpful in games, a game that doesn’t limit what you can do is very appealing.

New To Playing RuneScape

Although the high degree of freedom of the game is very good, but because of this, the combat missions of RuneScape are not so brilliant. It’s common for players to find that clicks and animations are often out of sync during combat, but most blame lag issues for this. 

Project Combat seriously explained this problem last year, and only then did many players realize that this is a loophole in game design.

This problem aside, players can randomly choose a character to master Melee, Ranged, and Magic. All three play styles are applicable, and as you play more and more and you get to know each style better, you can switch training styles at any time. 

Rich Content

Whenever you arrive in a new place, you will have things to do. If you are a new player, you don’t have to worry about running out of targets in RuneScape. It’s an infinite loop. You can choose the mission yourself and start the exploration journey.

RuneScape is different from most MMORPGs in that you can’t directly initiate battles here. If you like to do some content-rich side quests, I believe this will be very suitable for you. It’s full of tough challenges and puzzles, and it’s a lot of fun to learn more about the different things in each world.

Runescape Review

We recommend that you do not skip talks in RuneScape. These early dialogues are very interesting, and they also give the player a brief introduction to the general situation of the world. In particular, the speaking style of RuneScape deploys is very humorous but feels very old-fashioned.

Rich In Activities

As the player’s mission progresses, you need to get more RuneScape Gold and supplies to kill monsters. At the same time, don’t forget to get a steady source of food to maintain the character’s health

You can master various skills in RuneScape to help you win the battle. These skills can help you improve the efficiency of completing tasks, while greatly improving your game experience.

You don’t have to worry about your gear being out of date, because RuneScape’s Seasonal Activities, Battle Passes, and Limited-time Events are frequent, so you can enjoy the game process to the fullest.


RuneScape is actually like a partner that grows with you. Even after decades, you will still feel comfortable. Although MMORPG has continued the tradition created by RuneScape in many games, the interesting content of RuneScape is still unmatched by other games. If you don’t mind RuneScape’s old game mechanics, RuneScape is still a MMORPG worth trying.

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