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  • Diablo 4 Season 2 Is Officially Here! - Everything You need To know

    Diablo 4 Season 2 has arrived, bringing a ton of changes and updates to the game. The developer has really turned things around in Diablo 4 Season 2’s latest patch.

    Among them, I am happy with the addition of the new Vampiric Power and Blood Harvests. I’m really excited that we can stay in this Overworld instead of grinding strongholds. And as Whispers experience points increase, you can level up in Season 2 in any way you want.

    In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Season 2. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the world of Sanctuary, this guide will help you prepare for this new season.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Everything You Need To Know About Season Of Blood

    Seasonal Quests

    As usual, new seasons add new seasonal quests, and you’ll need to create a new seasonal character. Don’t forget to click “skip campaign” and select Seasonal Realm. When you arrive at Sanctuary, the first thing you need to do is start your seasonal quest to earn new Vampiric Powers.

    The way seasonal quests work is that you need to continue completing your Season Journey to get more seasonal quests. When I’m doing Season Journey, I usually target any seasonal objectives, which can also increase the speed at which we farm Diablo 4 Gold.

    Other than that, most Season Journey objectives are easy to complete, such as talking to an NPC, completing a stronghold, or completing a certain number of dungeons or cellars.

    The main reason you want to complete this Season Journey chapter is that it gives you access to Legendary Aspects that appear in the patch. Some of these aspects are powerful and will bring new synergies to your build that you didn’t have before.

    Battle Pass also gives you Smoldering Ashes, which you can use in Season Blessings to gain things like boosted experience points.

    Once you’ve collected the new Legendary Aspects from the new season chapters, simply head to Occultist and use Codex of Power option to imprint them onto your device.

    Diablo 4 Season of Blood: Seasonal Quests & Battle Pass

    Vampiric Power

    Next, let’s talk about how Vampiric Power works. If you open inventory, you will see a new tab called Vampiric Power.

    In this menu, you will use Potent Blood collected from Vampires to activate 1 of 3 random Vampiric Powers. If one of Vampiric Powers is already activated, you can also use this menu to upgrade Vampiric Power.

    To activate Vampiric Power, simply drag and drop it into Sanguine Circle. In order for a Vampiric Power to be considered active, you first need to collect the required number of pacts.

    Diablo 4: How to Activate Vampiric Power?

    To see the activation cost, simply hover over Vampiric Power you want to activate and check pacts requirements.

    All equipment dropped in Season 2 will have pacts associated with it. Developer divide them into three types: Ferocity, Divinity and Eternity. The total number of pacts you have equipped will be at the top.

    To add Pacts to armor that has not yet reached its maximum of 5, you will need to add Pacts to the armor using Diablo 4 items dropped from Vampire Events. Of course, there is another special item that can remove pacts from armor, and that is Cleansing Acids.

    Also, additional Vampiric Power can be obtained by completing Hunter’s Acclaim Board.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Best Vampiric Powers - Season Of Blood Powers Guide

    Blood Harvests

    In Season 2 we also have a new event called Blood Harvests. This is an event very similar to Helltide. But it’s always active of the day, with no downtime.

    Enemies in Blood Harvests drop something called Blood Lures, and you can see all of your Blood Lures in the upper right corner. This will be used to spawn Blood Seekers on the altar. This is very similar to Whisper Events, which require Venous Motes to spawn elites.

    Blood Seekers have a chance to drop the keys needed to open Seeker Caches. These chests have some pretty wonderful rewards, and I even got most of the rare items from these items.

    Blood Harvests also have its own new Whisper Events that you can complete to collect Grim Favors.

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    Overall, Blood Harvests are a great place to level up, especially considering Whispers are getting significant XP bonuses in this patch.

    While completing activities in Blood Harvests and defeating Blood Seekers, you will also receive a reward called Hunter’s Acclaim.

    These are used to upgrade Hunter’s Acclaim Boards, located in various cities, to get rare items and even some Vampiric Power. To level up quickly in Season 2, I highly recommend doing Blood Harvests and Whisper Events.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: New Blood Harvests Explained

    Whisper Events

    In the latest patch, it increased experience points for Whisper Events by 100% at level 1, 75% at level 2, and 100% at level 3. This means Whisper Events provide twice as much experience as before. I’m really glad they changed this because Stronghold Resets are the most boring thing.

    My favorite way to gain experience points from Whisper Events is to take part in Legion Events. Legion Events aren’t always active, so you’ll need to focus on the map for these events.

    Legion Events have an endless supply of monsters to fight, and since there’s almost always someone there, it will reward your experience points with a 5% multiplier. Don’t forget to touch the campfire before doing Legion Events, as this will also add another multiplier reward.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Everything You need To know


    Diablo 4 Season 2 brings a host of changes and updates to the game, addressing various player concerns and improving overall gameplay.

    While it may not solve all the game’s problems, it marks a positive step forward in making Diablo 4 more engaging and fun. With more updates and expansion announcements being released, players are hopeful for continued growth and improvement of the game.

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  • Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers - Will Hardcore Servers Succeed?

    I believe that many WOW players have noticed that Blizzard has released Hardcore Servers on August 24th. With Hardcore Servers on the line, here I would like to talk about my views on the future of Hardcore Servers in WOW Classic. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Why Choose Hardcore Servers?

    Now, Hardcore Servers are something people have been asking for a long time. And the release of Hardcore Servers is almost a direct result of Blizzard listening to the community and reacting to feedback.

    Hardcore Servers are definitely not for everyone. But there is a sizeable community in Hardcore Classic WOW, and streamers playing Hardcore games are the most viewed in this WOW category. So it makes sense for Blizzard to do something based on Hardcore.

    Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers

    Therefore, Hardcore Servers will be very large at first. But that’s bound to drop dramatically.

    People will try Hardcore Servers and they will probably die a few times along the way. But every time you die, you need to start over from level 1, which at some point just causes people to give up. Or imagine you tried 10 times to get to level 60, but you died at level 60 and you had to start all over again.

    Any fresh game will have a population boom at launch and then die off. But just because of the risk of losing characters, I think the population must disappear much faster on Hardcore Servers than on regular servers. However, there are a few things Blizzard can do to help extend the life of these hardcore servers and keep people coming back. So let’s talk about that.

    Features That Need To Be Added

    At the time of publication, these Hardcore Servers have the fewest rules. You can trade, you can form a team, you can do dungeons. It’s very loose with restrictions, and Hardcore Servers are very open to a variety of play styles.

    But it still has some limitations, such as dungeons have a 24-hour lock timer. You can’t dungeon with someone level 60 with someone below level 60.

    This is also the first feature that WOW Classic Hardcore Servers will need in the future: Solo Self Found Game mode. Blizzard has verbally stated that they might be interested in adding these features to Hardcore Servers in a future patch. I think that’s something they have to do.

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Will We Get A Solo Self Found Mode?

    There may be some players who are not familiar with Solo Self Found Game mode. This is actually the game mode we play with the plugin on Classic Era Hardcore Servers, Solo Self-Found.

    Outside of dungeons, you can’t form a party, nor can you trade or use the auction house. This is a Solo Leveling Challenge with just a few Self Found items, hence the name.

    I think it will release this 3-4 months after Hardcore Servers. As it will breathe some new life into Hardcore Servers. Solo Self Found rule-set makes it even more of a challenge to level up.

    Now, on official Hardcore Servers, grouping and transactions are possible. It’s less of a challenge and more of a social experience, which I think is great. But the challenging aspect was a big reason for Hardcore’s popularity. So I thought it might be interesting to do such a real-world challenge on official Hardcore Servers without the cheat and appeal system.

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    Insane Content Material

    Beyond that, Hardcore Servers bring a lot of things that the server doesn’t, like its baffling content material. With the addition of the one-life element, and Duel to The Death system, there’s plenty of content material here for anyone who likes to get involved.

    There are already many Duel to The Death Tournaments with WOW Classic Hardcore Gold rewards on Hardcore PTR. I can foresee this continuing to happen on Hardcore Servers.

    In addition, some low-level Hardcore Leveling Tournaments also have rewards. They will give players 2 weeks to level up and reach level 40 and farm any gear they can get.

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Duel to the Death

    This makes you have to strategize between how you spend your time, which classes you choose, whether you focus on leveling only, whether you search for good items in dungeons.

    The content on these servers is endless and has official One-Life mechanics as well as Duel to The Death mechanics. I guess Blizzard actually has an incentive to keep these Hardcore Servers alive for as long as possible.

    Challenges & Titles

    Another thing that I think is great for Hardcore Servers is the introduction of Challenges and Titles. Personally, I think this should come with Solo Self Found update. as this is a challenge and should be rewarded with a title.

    The addition of titles can motivate people to actually complete these challenges. Because when you complete a challenge, you need to have a visual way to show that you have completed that challenge. Here, I think Titles is a straightforward thing for Blizzard to pull off and not break the spirit of Vanilla WoW.

    Based on this, I would like to mention some challenges they may add to the future, including:

    • Solo Self Found Challenge
    • Speed Leveling Challenge
    • Blood Thirsty Challenge
    • Pet Hunter Challenge

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Will Hardcore Servers Be Successful?

    The options here are really endless, and it’s really up to Blizzard and you guys to decide how much of a challenge there should be. A suitable compromise might be some major challenges that reward titles. But for some minor challenges, this will give you a Feat of Strength Achievement. But in this case, Blizzard will have to refine their Achievement System.

    That’s what I have prepared for you today. So what are your thoughts on Hardcore Servers themselves? What new features do you hope Blizzard will include in the next patch? I want to know your opinion. See you next time.

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  • Is Vampire In Elder Scrolls Online 2023 Still Worth Trying? - My Personal Opinion

    I’ve been a huge fan of Vampire lore in Elder Scrolls Online for a long time. So today I want to take a look at my personal Vampire build and talk about whether Vampire is worth playing in ESO 2023.

    After exploring the darkest ESO lore, I found that the strength of the early ESO Vampires was actually overwhelming. Unfortunately, since I’m new to ESO, I didn’t get to experience a Vampire in its prime. So we’ll start by reviewing some abilities Vampire has. We’ll see what it means to be an ESO Vampire in 2023.

    Is Vampire In ESO 2023 Still Worth Trying?

    Vampire Skills

    First, I chose Dark Elf because they are resistant to fire. As you know, Vampires are always weak at shooting in ESO, therefore, my actual class of choice is Necromancer. Because Vampire and Necromancy complement each other most of the time.

    Most Vampire abilities are based on Magicka. So starting with their Ultimate Vampire, they turn into a giant Vampire Lords. Then the active ability you gained will be removed, and it will cause spell damage or weapon damage every two seconds. This will quadruple your stats and be switchable, so your health isn’t depleted completely.

    Vampiric Drain

    Next we have Vampiric Drain. I’ve developed it into Drain Vigor, which also Drains Stamina. Considering my character is a melee dual wielder, this is a nice Magicka area spell. This allowed me to restore Stamina and health I lost from satisfying Fury.


    Then we have Hypnosis, which simply overpowers enemies and stuns them for five seconds. The great thing about this stun is that it’s unlockable. It turns you into Dark Mist and causes at least three projectiles to deal no damage to you for a second.

    Elder Scrolls Online: New Vampire Skill Line Showcase


    As far as your passive ability is concerned, you can feed on Unsuspecting Victim. This increases your Vampire abilities. This also affects the buffs and debuffs you have when you get Dark Stalker. It ignores Stealth’s movement speed penalty and reduces movement time.

    Once you’ve climbed the ranks, you’ll need to reach level 50 to enter Stealth mode. Whenever you leave Stealth, or even when the ability deforms your weapon, the spell damage increases again. So this is another nice weapon and spell damage buff.


    We also have Undeath, which reduces the damage you take based on how much health you have. Don’t miss Blood Ritual, it’s definitely a big part of being a Vampire. This is also the ability to turn other players into Vampires.

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    Unnatural Movement

    We also have Unnatural Movement, which can reduce your Sprint cost. If you Sprint continuously for three seconds, you automatically Stealth. So this is a great easy and quick addition to any PVE content or even PVP.

    Pros & Cons

    As a Necromancer, you can unlock Death Scythe’s abilities. This is actually powerful, adding Magic Damage depending on the build you get. This will actually heal you every time you attack an enemy. If you get Magicka build, you’ll also get healing over time, not just instantly.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Magicka Templar Vampire Build

    Considering that so many Vampire abilities can drain your health, you can opt for a two-wheeled weapon wielder. This is an advantage. This is actually the entirely same thing as sight healing, but in a little less amount.

    I chose it over Death Scythe because of the cost and because I wanted to be more involved with using my two-wheeled abilities. I use it to get Spirit Mender that summons Skeletal Healer. We’ll make it my two summons along with my Skeletal Archer.

    But that’s just personal preference and just for reference for my low-budget build here. Even with a small investment of ESO Gold, you can fully exploit this Vampire build.

    Vampire Stage

    Anyway, back to our Vampire’s passive ability. If you change your ultimate to unlock Vampire Stage 5, it will give you all the power, but no buffs. But again, we only choose to choose to cast your ultimate in Bat Swarm if you’re in ultimate form. Because this will do more damage to enemies around you.

    Now Feed stage is where Vampire’s last abilities come into play. Because this Feed stage will affect our Health Recovery, Flame Damage, Regular Ability costs and Vampire Ability costs.

    ESO: Vampire Feeding Grounds in PVP

    Final Opinion

    Being in it, a lot of negatives will affect you, besides the fact that your Vampire abilities will cost less. Given all these negatives, I don’t think it’s a fair deal right now.

    That’s my point, that Vampire’s playability currently boils down to one thing: roleplaying. We’re long past the days when Vampires could largely rule the map. While it’s a cool idea to walk around and suck everyone’s souls out, it’s really not worth it.

    Unless you’re into some baffling meta game where you want to have all the items, armor and everything. If you're someone like that, then I definitely recommend you give it a try. As long as you know you have character slots, it’s okay to craft a Vampire character, and just play the game and have fun with it. What is your opinion on the current ESO Vampire? Would you like to try him? I want to know your thoughts.

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  • Mechanics Explained You Need To Know In Honkai Star Rail! - DOT, Debuff & Break Effect

    Here we’ll discuss how DOT is calculated for characters in Honkai Star Rail, Break Effect, and what’s the best situation for each element to use its debuff.

    Now let’s talk about the characteristics of each element’s DOT and debuff. In Honkai Star Rail, each element has slightly different damage calculations and debuffs. This makes it fun to experiment with different DOT and damage effects on different enemies.

    Two Types Of DOT & Four Element Debuffs

    There are two types of DOT: Break DOT and Skill DOT. When an enemy has a Break Effect turned on, Break DOT is applied. DOT has four Element Debuffs, namely: Physical, Fire, Lightning, and Wind. Ice, Quantum, and Imaginary do not apply DOT to the enemy, but apply a debuff to the enemy.

    Honkai Star Rail: Mechanics Explained You Need To Know - DOT, Debuff & Break Effect

    Break Damage And Calculation For Each Element

    When an enemy turns on this Break Effect, Break Damage will also hit it. This damage calculation is based on three factors:

    • Element Multiplier
    • Character Level
    • Target’s Maximum Toughness

    As you can see, all elements have the same multiplier. It’s just that some elements have higher multipliers than others. Among them, the multiplier of Physical and Fire is 2, which is the highest. Wind has a multiplier of 1.5, Ice and Lightning have a multiplier of 1, and Quantum and Imaginary have a multiplier of 0.5.

    Therefore, Physical damage and Fire damage have the highest onetime destruction damage, followed by Wind damage. Another thing you need to be aware of is that character level is actually the most important factor in this formula. The higher your level, the more destruction damage you get.

    Honkai Star Rail: Break Effect Explained

    DOT Damage Calculation

    So DOTs and debuffs are more interesting. Although DOT damage formula is a complex calculation, we only need to know how the base damage of each element is calculated. Because the rest of the effect is the same. So what we need to look at is the basic damage calculation and debuff effect of each element. Now let’s talk about each element.

    Fire, Lightning, Wind DOT Damage

    First off, Fire Burn, Wind Shear, and Lightning Flash are very similar. The level multiplier of Lightning Flash is 2x. Fire Burn has a level multiplier of 1x.

    But Wind has a slight advantage. We calculate its level multiplier as: 1 x Stack Count x Level Multiplier. Because Wind element can have additional stacking layers. So when we fight elite enemies and bosses, it has up to 5 stacks of Wind Shear. So it’s a better DOT element for elite enemies and bosses.

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    Physical DOT Damage

    Physical is another favorable factor for hurting bosses and elites. Because they calculated its base damage based on the enemy’s maximum health. So if we really try to increase this DOT damage of Physical Bleed, such as stacking Break Effect and DEF reduction, Bleed DOT damage may be 7%-16% of the boss’s health.

    Quantum Debuff And Additional Debuff Damage

    Besides Physical and Wind being good for boss fights, Quantum is another factor that can also be good for boss fights if applied properly. Although the multiplier of Quantum debuff is not high, its damage also depends on the enemy’s defense. So for elites and bosses, this can increase their damage.

    Honkai Star Rail: Elements Weakness Breaks Infographic

    Also, while Quantum Entanglement debuffs only have one stack and last only one turn, they can stack up to five stacks. Each time you attack an entangled enemy within a round, a layer will be stacked.

    You may ask, what if I don’t have enough time to apply these five stacks? Don’t worry, another feature of Quantum Entanglement is the additional delay of enemy actions. This means that when you kill an enemy or Break Effect delays the enemy’s action, Quantum Entanglement will also delay its action additionally. Its calculation method is: 20% x (1+Break Effect).

    In this way, the enemy needs more time to make the next move, and you have more chances to get extra Entanglement layers. Another benefit of Quantum Entanglement is because enemies take longer to recover from damage. So we have more chances to attack enemies in Break state and thus do more damage.

    Imaginary Debuff

    A similar concept applies to Imaginary Imprisonment debuffs. This debuff only lasts for one turn and has no DOT damage. This delays the enemy’s actions by 30% x (1+Break Effect).

    This delay is longer than the additional delay introduced by Quantum Entanglement. Because Imprisonment not only increases the delay but also reduces the speed of the enemy by 10%. So the point of Imaginary Imprisonment is to delay the enemy’s turn, so that Break state lasts longer.

    Plus, it helps extend the duration of debuffs we add to enemies, such as DEF Reduction. Therefore, Imaginary character does more damage indirectly. This debuff is especially useful for you if you have high damage Imaginary characters in your Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Honkai Star Rail: Elemental Weaknesses Break

    Ice Debuff

    Last but not least is Ice debuff. We calculate ice Freeze as 1x the level multiplier. Ice’s Break Damage is not high and is mainly used for freezing debuffs. When Freeze, the enemy cannot act this round, but after unfreezing, the enemy will move forward by 50% in the next round.

    While this will make the debuffs on enemies wear off faster, it’s not a good option for debuffing raids. But when the enemy unfreezes, it will still be in Break state. This makes them last longer and we can deal with more damage.


    That’s all about DOTs and debuffs for each element in Honkai Star Rail, along with how they work and damage calculations. Hope this guide can help you quickly increase your character’s damage output. See you in the game.

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  • The Best Guide To Wanderer In Genshin Impact! - Best Artifacts, Weapons, Teams, Playstyle & More

    Today, I’ll be instructing you on how to build Wanderer in Genshin Impact to get the most out of his gear. Without further ado, let’s get right to it. Let’s take a look at Wanderer’s talent explanation first.

    Talent Explanation

    Starting with normal attacks, most of Wanderer’s damage comes from normal attacks. He has a long attack range and has good tracking. This is very useful for flying or moving enemies. His elemental skills allow him to fly and hover in mid-air after casting the spell, and grant him Windfavored state. This increases the power of his normal and charged attacks.

    Wanderer in Windfavored state will get “Kuugoryoku Points,” which indicates how long Wanderer can stay in this state. A unique Stamina bar that drains represents wanderer’s Kuugoryoku Points.

    Talent level scaling on Wanderer’s skills is weak, but is an important part of his skills. Because it can enhance his normal attack and charged attack. After using Elemental Burst, Wanderer will deal 5 consecutive Anemo DMGs to enemies.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Build Guide

    Since this is a high demand for his energy, it’s best to alternate bursts. You can use Wanderer’s Burst before his ability, at the end of his ability, or even in the middle of a rotation to clear a wave of opponents.

    Wanderer’s first Ascension Passive is Jade-Claimed Flower, which grants him a buff based on his use of elemental skills. The injection priority of elements is Pyro, followed by Hydro, Electro and lastly Cryo.

    Next up is his second Ascension Passive, Gales of Reverie. When Wanderer hits the opponent with a normal attack in Windfavored state, there is a 16% chance to get Descent effect.

    If Wanderer dashes during Descent effect, it will consume no stamina. He will fire 4 Wind Arrows, each Wind Arrow deals an Anemo DMG of 35% ATK. If an attack fails to produce the effect, the chance of receiving the buff increases gradually.

    Keep in mind that dashes will reduce Wanderer’s DPS before this buff is activated. To avoid this, pay attention to the audiovisual cues that appear when the passive is triggered.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Talent Explanation


    Next, let’s talk about his Constellation.

    His C1 increases normal attack and charged attack speed by 10%. It enables you to add up to two additional normal attacks to your rotation. In addition, Wind Arrow, launched by the fourth Ascension Passives, will deal an additional 25% of the attack power in damage.

    After spending 50 Kuugoryoku Points in Windfavored state, C2 provides a 200% Burst damage bonus whenever Wanderer’s Burst is used.

    His C3 and C5 increase his burst and skill levels by 3, respectively.

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    His C4 adds a random buff, in addition to the two buffs Wanderer would normally get from his first Ascension Passive.

    His C6 allows him to deal bonus wind damage during normal attacks, dealing 40% of Wanderer’s normal attack damage. Also, this prolongs Windfavored state, increasing DPS while slowing down the rotation.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Constellation

    Best Artifact Sets

    Wanderer’s best Artifact Sets are 4 Desert Pavilion Chronicle. This set is tailor made for Wanderer. Because it increases his normal attack speed and provides a huge damage boost to his normal and charged attacks.

    However, this set is only slightly better than Shimenawa’s Reminiscence 4-piece set. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of planting 4 Desert Pavilion Chronicles, you can use it on Wanderer.

    Echoes of an Offering is also a viable set for him. However, Ping becomes the major factor that increases the damage output of this suit. You can also mix 2 pieces of Desert Pavilion Chronicle, Viridescent Venerer, or any set that gives 18% Attack.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Artifact Sets

    Best Weapons

    His best weapon slot is his signature weapon, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance. It boosts his normal attack and has a high base attack with a whopping 44% crit damage.

    Memory of Dust is his second best weapon, especially if you don’t use Bennett. It gives you more attack damage. But if you have Bennett, Lost Prayer becomes his second best slot machine weapon.

    Next we have R5 Widsith. Unfortunately, Wanderer cannot benefit from EM buffs. He can only use attack and elemental damage buffs. This caused R5 Widsith to drop in the rankings.

    We also have R5 Dodoco Tales. This weapon is powerful for Wanderer. Armed with this weapon, you can launch a spam attack. You need to use your normal attack before sending his charged attack to activate his passive. Make sure to do a basic attack every 5-6 seconds to refresh the passive.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Weapons

    Next up is Kagura’s Verity. Its passive is useless against Wanderer, as it only enhances elemental skills. But it makes up for the lack of passive utility by offering high crit damage and a basic attack.

    Finally, we have Solar Pearl, a Battle Pass weapon. It’s a great pick for Wanderer, as it provides a high crit chance. Passive buffs his burst damage and basic attacks.

    Best Teams Comps

    Finally let’s chat about Wanderer’s best team. Faruzan and Bennett are Wanderer’s best teammates to maximize his damage. If you don’t have Faruzan, you can replace her with Sucrose from your Genshin Impact Account. This gives you Anemo Particles and Thrilling Tales buffs.

    The best team to maximize his damage would be Wanderer, Faruzan, and Bennett, with Flex in the last spot. For the last slot, you can also use a shield like Zhongli, Diona, Layla, or another buffer like Yunjin or Jean, or a secondary DPS like Yelan, Xingqiu, Fischl.

    Genshin Impact: Wanderer Best Teams Comps

    Overall Info

    Overall, Wanderer is a strong Anemo DPS, and very easy to use. Because you just need to spam his normal attacks. This guide has covered everything you need to know about Wanderer. Including his best Weapons, Artifacts, Team Comps and Constellations. I hope this guide is helpful to you!

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  • A Preview And Showcase Of Drizzle Aeromancer Build In Lost Ark! - Engraving, Mechanism & Skill Combo

    Here I would like to introduce Drizzle Aeromancer. As indicated in the global roadmap, they will release Aeromancer in August of this year. So, I think showing and previewing Drizzle Aeromancer build would be helpful for your overall Lost Ark experience.

    Before I start this guide, you need to know that my analysis of Aeromancer is based entirely on a KR server. Since Lost Ark has been working hard to restore the balance between the various classes, the composition of some skills can also change in the future.


    Aeromancer was released in Korea a year ago. She’s a pretty old class. However, after Balance Patch, her damage performance was nerfed. Especially her Weather Concept Engraving, Drizzles.

    Lost Ark: Preview Your Drizzle Aeromancer

    Her Identity skills are Sun Shower. Her Identity skills are fairly passive and affect other players’ damage performance and her own. But during the time her Identity skills are functioning, she will provide you and your teammates with very useful buffs.

    She’s not as powerful as a DPS class, but also has a bit of vague synergy, especially on Drizzles. Let’s start with the coverage of Class Engraving I used in this guide is Drizzles.

    Class Engraving

    Unlike Umbrella build, which changed Aeromancer’s entire mechanics. Drizzles didn’t change many things about Aeromancer. Drizzles Class Engraving reduces the cost of Identity Gauge and also increases the damage of Weather skills. This is more like buffing the damage of Weather skills while Identity is active.

    Lost Ark: Class Engraving

    Combat Stat

    Speaking of combat stats, as you probably already know or expect. Because damage performance is mainly determined by Identity skills or uptime. So it means you’ll have to live with tight controls throughout the game.

    In fact, Specialization efficiency of Drizzles is quite remarkable. But in most cases, we have to use Specialization stat. It’s also very accessible for beginners. And, like Master Summoner, she does can maintain Hallucination Set buff.

    However, you still need to focus on Adrenaline and Crit rate buffs during gameplay. You need to use Specialization stat to increase the efficiency of your damage representation. But when you decide to use Swiftness stat, she might be a little more mobile.

    Using fast builds means you’re giving up about 3% - 4% of DPS performance compared to critical performance. So if you’re looking to boost your Drizzle Aeromancer like your other replacement, this build is for you.


    The core mechanic of Drizzle Aeromancer is to use your Steam Control while Sun Shower is active to fill your Identity skills faster. This allows her to maintain a mid-range damage performance throughout the game. So, it’s more like an immediate and ongoing connection between damage increase Tripod and her Identity skills.

    Lost Ark: Drizzle Aeromancer Prokel Game Play


    Her core skill consists of two parts. Drizzle adds to your Identity Supply skills or parts that may be related to your Identity Supply. There is also Steam Control section, where there are three skills that are directly related to your damage performance. These three skills are Scorching Sun, Sweeping Wind, and Lightning Vortex.

    All you need to do is provide Identity skills and pour in your Steam Control skills while Identity is running normally.


    Like other classes in Lost Ark, Aeromancer also has two Awakening skills. One is Summoning Vortex, and the other is Umbrella Sword.

    Compared to Drizzle Aeromancer, Storm Fury Aeromancer has a shorter cooldown, has more flexibility, and requires less Lost Ark Gold to invest. This means Drizzle Aeromancer is slightly heavier to move and has a longer or delayed cooldown. Of course, unlike Storm Fury Aeromancer, you need enough Identity Gauge for full DPS performance.

    Also Read: What Adjustments Does Lost Ark Need To Make To Change The Current Depressed State? - 9 Solutions

    Whirlwind is a tremendous advantage for Aeromancer, as it has a decent amount of uptime. Even Umbrella builds can add or update key buffs with those little projectiles. So, you’d better keep the crit buff updated throughout the content.

    Unlike other classes, her fundamental skill is quite a combo skill. Her skill cycle can also be recovered well. For example, some characters have a hard time regaining their Identity again if her Identity is inevitably turned off due to the boss’ mod.

    You need more time to fill your Identity and start your damage deals. It’s more like it takes some time to recover from a crashed skill set or cycle. But unlike those classes that are based on Identity, Drizzle Aeromancer recovery cycle isn’t all that difficult. Maybe it has a better cushion to fill it up and start doing damage again.

    Lost Ark: How To Play This New Class?

    Skill Combo

    Compared to Storm Fury Aeromancer, Drizzle Aeromancer’s skill set is fairly fixed on her cycle. If you want to play a skill combo, first you fill your Identity Gauge with your Drizzle. Then use Umbrella Sword to increase your crit chance. Last but not least, pour your Steam Control skills.

    Due to the long and wide range of Aeromancer’s skill attacks, she has a great reputation in daily Chaos Dungeons. With the blessing of Drizzle, Aeromancer is even more invincible in the dungeon.

    That’s all for a preview of Drizzle Aeromancer’s build, including her mechanics, preferences, and combos. Hope this guide will help you a little on your Lost Ark journey.

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  • 4 Tips You Need To Know About Character Summoning In Honkai Star Rail 1.2

    The latest Blade banner will be the first banner in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 update. So here we’re going to dig into a focused topic where Blade might be compared to Kafka and members of that DoT support team in Honkai Star Rail 1.2.

    Also, there are a couple of important things that need to be addressed when summoning in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 update. Here are 4 considerations you don’t want to miss.

    Honkai Star Rail: 4 Tips You Need To Know About Character Summoning

    Blade’s Damage

    It’s safe to say that Blade is definitely one of the funniest damage dealers around. Although the fact that he sacrifices his health to do better damage isn’t all that pioneering. Because Arlan can do that too. Still, Blade has some really interesting things to talk about.

    First off, we know that Hellscape ability drains Blade’s health and increases his damage output. It’s less of an attack and more like buffing him. However, he got a fresh round. While I’m not sure how supports like Yukong or Bronya would work, hopefully this skill doesn’t waste their buffs.

    Also Read: Honkai Star Rail: What Impact Will Silver Wolf Have On The Meta?

    And unlike Arlan who doesn’t consume skill points, so if you’re using him in a team, you need to be aware of the skill and point economy.

    But his biggest characteristic must be the ultimate. No matter how much health Blade has, he will set his health to 50% and deal tremendous damage. Not only that, but it has a powerful synergy with Luocha in your Honkai Star Rail Accounts.

    When an ally drops below 50%, Luocha triggers his ability to auto-heal, which is perfect for Blade’s ultimate. Even better, since Blade also drains health through skills before attacking. Therefore, Luocha’s in-field healing effect will be very amazing.

    Honkai Star Rail: Analysis Guide For Blade

    Honestly, I could go on and on digging into Blade’s gear. But it’s clear that he’s at his best when his health is dropping. And HoYoverse says there will be new Relic Sets in the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 update.

    But my biggest concern right now is how useful health is to Blade. I’m a little worried when it comes to split scaling characters. It’s not always the best. If you’re still building a team for Memory of Chaos, he seems like a unique damage dealer you could pick.

    Kafka Team

    If all goes well with Kafka, a new team will rise to the top. Her entire outfit is based on shock damage. You can achieve of synergy with Sampo, Kafka, Healer and another flexible role.

    Now, Sampo may become one of Kafka’s key teammates. Because if you upgrade this guy’s ultimate to level 10, then his DoT damage will increase by up to 30%. It’s pretty huge. Since both Sampo and Kafka are good at offloading a lot of DoTs damage, this debuff on enemies would be amazing.

    In order for Kafka to use her abilities effectively, you’ll need to adjust her speed so that others can attack enemies that come before her. Once that’s done, when you use her abilities, enemies will take extra damage if they’re already affected by DoT.

    Honkai Star Rail: Best Teams For Kafka

    For example, Sampo needs to go ahead of Kafka to apply Wind Shear Effect to the enemy. Then, if you also have Serval, she needs to go next. Kafka can then benefit from all DoTs placed on enemies.

    Interestingly, all DoT roles will be on Kafka’s banner. So if you want Kafka, it’s going to be very easy to form this new team.

    Banner Value

    Now, when trying to evaluate banners, Blades featured banners are pretty good. If you’re considering building a team with him, your top pick here is Natasha. However, if you have Luocha, then you’ll want to pair him with Blade. So we may also use Natasha in another Memory of Chaos team.

    But as for Arlan and Sushang, they don’t really have a synergy with Blade. Arlan was nerfed before release. So even though he has similar gear to Blade, he’ll fare better with a team built around him. Although Sushang is a pretty strong Physical Hunt unit. But if you’re pulling specifically for Blade, the banner isn’t that great. Unless your second Memory of Chaos team still needs those 4-Stars characters.

    Honkai Star Rail: Version 1.2 Banners Just Got Leaked

    Still, Natasha’s Eidolons are pretty good. The second and fourth Eidolons, in particular, can provide some nice healing to badly damaged allies and gain energy when they hit. Allows her to maintain everyone’s health.

    As for Kafka flag, it’s an extremely valuable flag for anyone looking to build a DoT-focused team with Kafka.

    Future Warps

    When it comes to which flag to choose, honestly, it’s really up to you. While Kafka’s banner definitely has more synergy 4-Stars units, she could use. However, we still don’t know much about Luka’s performance.

    Also, let’s not forget that Honkai Star Rail 1.3 they also released character. Dan Heng’s new powerful form will be a 5-Star Destruction Imaginary unit. So we’re finally getting a dedicated damage dealer from Imaginary element.

    Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Special Program

    Fu Xuan is another unique unit we will add in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. She is a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. This means that new tanks will join the ranks of Gepard and Fire Trailblazer. This is very exciting if you have Silver Wolf. Because we can be one step closer to a true Mono Quantum team.

    I’d say that Blade’s banner is for someone who wants to use a cool damage dealer, but can accept a 4-Star role. And Kafka’s banner is suitable for those who want to build a DoT team.

    Finally, Honkai Star Rail 1.3 characters I just talked about will probably have two separate banners of their own. Hope Fu Xuan and Lynx can be on the same banner. This way, those who already have Seele or Qingque and Silver Wolf can build their Mono Quantum dream team.

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  • Thoughts On Diablo 4 Gameplay! - Dungeons, Campaign, Endgame And More

    Diablo 4 is the latest addition to Diablo series that has taken the gaming world by storm. As with all games, some players say it’s the best ARPG ever made, while others say it’s not that great.

    So, here I’m going to give you my take on all of Diablo 4’s gameplay. I want to cover a lot, so let’s get straight to the point.

    It’s been a good game so far, and certainly a step up from Diablo 3. I’m currently level 55, I’ve completed Campaign, tried some courses, and played with some Endgame content.

    Now that I’ve covered the little details, let’s take a deeper look at my impressions of Gameplay, Campaign, and Endgame.

    Diablo 4: Review Full Gameplay


    Let’s start with the gameplay of Diablo 4. First, let’s talk about classes. The classes in Diablo 4 are Necromancer, Barbarian, Rogue, Druid and Sorcerer. This means you have 5 amazing classes to choose from.

    I’ve only played 2 of the 5 classes so far, enough to really get a good feel for them. The professions I have played are Necromancer and Druid. Necromancer was the first character I started playing when I got into Diablo 4. Regardless, as far as classes go, they definitely feel unique, like the other Diablo games.

    Plus, Talent System in Diablo 4 added a ton of customizability that I thought was missing from Diablo 3. Talent System allows players to enhance the effects of certain spells by choosing upgrades and modifications to certain spells. This is definitely an improvement over Rune System in Diablo 3.

    In addition to Talent System, Paragon System is an interesting feature that further customizes your stats and abilities. Overall, the combat is very smooth, and the animations don’t feel jagged. Your spells feel like they’re always hitting, and enemies are challenging and not too weak.

    Diablo 4: The new Paragon System Explained

    So far, I’m loving the combat and the very polished feel they bring to the entire game. Another prominent feature I like that Mounts. Because Mounts will make your trip to Sanctuary faster and easier. You unlock your Mounts by winning Campaigns, and once you have them, the way you travel will never be the same.

    The gearing process in Diablo 4 is also unique. The new Endgame system differs from what players we use to in Diablo 3. We’ll dig into these systems in depth when we mention Endgame. But overall, the gear is still pretty good.

    There are also legendary buffs that swap out what they call Aspects for other gear, and unlock them to upgrade gear to Legendary. It’s also a nice quality-of-life addition to the game.

    MMO World Concept

    Next, let’s talk about that MMO World concept introduced in Diablo 4. Just like in other Blizzard MMO World-type games, where you can meet other players, such as World of WarCraft.

    However, the way they work is that when you or someone around you kills a monster, you both get a corresponding amount of Diablo 4 Gold and loot. They have an automatic grouping system that groups players with nearby players.

    Diablo 4: MMO Open World Concept

    This increases the difficulty of mobs around you, and also gives you experience boosts, as if you were actually at a party. This is really great for sudden events happening around the world so you can tackle them with multiple people.


    Then I want to talk about Diablo 4 dungeons. They are static locations where you go in and complete objectives, and if the challenge is complete, you get the ultimate reward. This reward is Legendary Aspect. As mentioned before, you can add to your gear.

    Although the base dungeon itself might not be all that interesting. But there are also higher-level dungeons here, like Nightmare Dungeons.

    Diablo 4: How To Unlock Nightmare Dungeons?


    Now move on to Campaign. This part is pretty straightforward, so let’s start by discussing the storyline. The developers well thought the storyline of Diablo out.

    The developers achieved this by incorporating the player character into cutscenes and making boss fights actually difficult. Everything that happens in the story feels like it affects your character, not just the world around you. And there are a lot of unique interactions throughout Campaign.

    Diablo 4: Completed the Campaign on Hardcore


    The last part I want to really talk about is Diablo 4’s Endgame. This is something that gets a lot of debate among our players. So this is purely my take on Endgame content.

    World Tiers

    First, let’s start with something more familiar to everyone, World Tiers. You can choose different difficulty for your world. This will net you rewards like XP, more Diablo 4 Gold, better gear, and more.

    In Diablo 4, players can choose from 4 World Tiers. Among them, they have unlocked World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 when you first enter the game. World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 are locked. You need to complete certain dungeons to unlock higher World Tiers.

    But I recommend you get at least level 45 to get into World Tier 3. Because the monsters here are above level 50. If you want to experience World Tier 3 urgently, but don’t have enough time to upgrade. You can choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service to achieve the purpose of a fast upgrade.

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    Once you’ve reached at least World Tier 3, you’ll have access to more Endgame content like Helltides. Speaking of Helltides, this new mechanic randomly selects an area for you in Sanctuary full of demons and other monsters. These areas are where you can grind Cinders. You can then exchange Cinders for gear in chests around the area.

    I like the system so far, it’s straightforward and a great way to hone higher level gear and earn XP.

    Diablo 4: Tree Of Whispers

    Tree Of Whispers

    The last Endgame I want to mention is Tree of Whispers. The system works just like Bounty System. You need to collect 10 Grim Favors from discrete events scattered around Sanctuary.

    When you cash them in the tree, you can choose a loot cache that contains different gear. This is another way for players to gain gear and advance through harder content.

    We’ve now seen several aspects of Diablo 4. I would like to conclude that this game is actually worth playing. The developers really rounded out Diablo series with this game. It’s a step up from Diablo 3, and that’s really the most important thing I think they’re trying to accomplish.

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  • Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release In Honkai Star Rail! - Skills, Relics, Light Cones And More

    With Honkai Star Rail 1.2 right around the corner, we’ll also be getting free Yukong Banners in the new patch. We’ll detail why you might need her, how to use her, her strengths and weaknesses, as well as synergies and team comparisons.

    But remember, this is pre-release, so don’t take the mechanics explanation as 100% fact. Because her Healing and Talents may be different at launch.

    TLDR On Pulling

    First, she is a Harmony unit. If you want meta, she can always find a use. She also belongs to Imaginary unit. You don’t need to pull her right away though, as we’re getting a free copy in Honkai Star Rail 1.2.

    She’s a strong super carry buffer, but also has the potential to boost both DPS, just like Asta and Bronya. She also acts as a sub DPS, so she’s an elite unit to pick, and having her will give your Honkai Star Rail Accounts 3 different benefits.

    Honkai Star Rail: Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release

    Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

    Her normal attacks are standard and only deal damage, but her Talents do 30 Toughness damage. She also gains 2 stacks of the buff, Roaring Bowstrings. This has a maximum of 2 stacks. When it’s active, all allies’ attack power is increased. Yukong loses 1 stack each time an ally’s turn ends. This means that any ally who can cheat turns like Seele should be able to abuse this like baffling.

    Yukong won’t take away Bowstring stacks on the turn she uses skills. Since this depends on the ally’s turn count, you can use multiple DPS ultimates during this buff, and they’ll all get a DPS boost.

    Her Ultimate is a buff and a single target Nuke. Additionally, if her buff, Roaring Bowstrings, is active, she also increases her allies’ critical strike chance and critical strike damage. However, from the way the sub-stats and main stats are distributed, we can expect the crit chance gain to be much lower than the crit damage.

    Honkai Star Rail: Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

    Pros & Cons

    Next, let’s take a look at her pros and cons. For pro players, we have double DPS buffs. Therefore, any DPS will love her, and so will any sub DPS with her. Since she is a 4-Star Imaginary unit, we have no luck getting Imaginary element.

    Plus, she has enhanced base damage and 90 ultimate Toughness damage. Therefore, it is estimated that she will cause at least 210 points of Toughness damage in 4 rounds. And the two attacks in her gear are also specialized, since she can abuse the best Light Cones in the game, or their corresponding Break Effect.

    Now for her flaws. Since she has 2 stacks, she might really need to adjust her speed to be higher than your DPS so they can get that round. Her base stats are low. Harmony units always have a low base stat with a Taunt Value of 100.

    Her Energy Generation may be required for her rotations, so you’ll need to get her to Ascension 6 to unlock it. Her Technique looks like a lot of fun to use, but that’s a downside. Because you have to know where all Technique Point Canisters are on the map.

    Honkai Star Rail: Fleet of the Ageless

    Best Potential Relics

    As for her best Relics, supports usually use Musketeer of Wild Wheat. Don’t use Wind Set as it will throw you out of sync in some cases. Also, if you use Ultimate every 2 turns, Wind Set will only give you more turns.

    For Planar Ornaments, Fleet of the Ageless would be great for her. For main stats, if you speed tuning, a complete support build can be tank main stats, energy rope, and speed boots.

    Tank stats mean she can survive, and she doesn’t scale any buffs based on her stats. So she doesn’t need to stack anything. Right now I think she’s going to be a good hybrid of DPS as well.

    Also Read: Honkai Star Rail: Building and Ascension Guide - Luocha

    Best Potential Light Cones

    With Light Cone, she can abuse Memories of the Past to gain energy. A 56% Break Effect is equivalent to an additional 16.8% delay when breaking an enemy’s weak point. But the damage is negligible because Imaginary has the weakest damage.

    Past and Future is also an option, but requires speed adjustments. So for low DPS, I recommend you choose Memories of the Past.

    Honkai Star Rail: Memories of the Past

    Two Playstyles

    As for playstyle, if you want to go all-in you can, and it will work just fine. You can also do a low DPS mix as she gives herself a huge damage output and a crit buff for huge last damage.

    Additionally, her base attacks are also buffed, so she can do a ton of decent damage even though she’s a Harmony unit. Keep in mind that she has low base stats, so this is a dangerous playstyle.

    You’ll also need to run Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past, to replace the lack of energy rope. But her ego buff should give her some decent damage. You can also abuse the damage since she doesn’t get rid of her own Bowstring stack.

    Break Effect Rope and Memories of the Past can give you 66.24% action delay when breaking enemies, and you will break a lot of imaginary weak enemies.

    Honkai Star Rail: Best Teams For Yukong

    Synergies And Team Comps

    For synergy, I’m going to use Welt and Luocha for mono Imaginary. Welt needs enough Effect Hit Rate to guarantee his debuff uptime and power. So it was fun to get him more Effect Hit Rate and give him those crits and attack buffs.

    Luocha scales with his attack, so any buffs help his Healing. Since he doesn’t need to take turns healing, this means that every attack you make, as long as Yukong is buffed, will be more effective, and emergency skills will heal more.

    The obvious and only mono Imaginary combination right now is Welt, Luocha, Yukong, and Silver Wolf. But Yukong is a Harmony unit, any team can go. I recommend taking a solo sustain and running a main DPS with flex. This could be a hypercarry with sub DPS, or another buffer and debuffer.

    That’s all my analysis of the pre-release Yukong, I hope this helps you understand the character better. All in all, let’s look forward to Yukong.

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  • Honkai Star Rail: Why Silver Wolf Must Be Worth Your Pull? - 8 Reasons

    As a new character in Honkai Star Rail 1.1, Silver Wolf is unknown to many players. Here I will tell you 8 reasons why Silver Wolf must be worth your pull.

    But first, a reminder that everything stated here is just my opinion and not conclusive evidence for deciding whether you should pull Silver Wolf. Please take all results with a grain of salt.


    She’s fine now, but she’ll get better with more characters. This is because in her current form, she works well with a Single target DPS like Seele and provides a tremendous benefit to your entire team.

    But as a natural debuffer, when more characters come out, she can synergize with them and become more useful.

    Honkai Star Rail: Why Silver Wolf Must Be Worth Your Pull?

    Unique Skills

    She is not just a defense debuffer. In fact, she utilizes various debuffs to attack enemies’ weak points. Her basic attack can inflict random “Bug” debuffs on enemies.

    Her skills allow her to impose the weaknesses of her allies on her enemies, reducing their resistance. Her Ultimate deals a lot of Quantum damage and has a chance to “Entangle” enemies, dealing extra damage and delaying their actions. She also has a passive ability that automatically applies Entanglement and Bug debuffs to her enemies.

    Related: Honkai Star Rail: What Impact Will Silver Wolf Have On The Meta?

    Finally, her unique ability allows her to ignore enemy weaknesses and drain their Toughness when entering combat. She has a chance to Entangle the enemy if the enemy’s weakness is exploited.

    This means she is the best of all characters when it comes to debuffs. Because she can greatly reduce the speed of the enemy, cause a lot of damage to the enemy, and reduce the Toughness of the enemy.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Skills

    Team Composition

    She opens up possibilities for interesting team combinations. We can make up for RNG weakness of her skills with monotype team. This is something I don’t see often in Honkai Star Rail. But given that it doesn’t spawn Elemental Resonance like it did in Genshin Impact, it would be an interesting and viable team combo. Could theoretically do some baffling damage.

    There is also Himeko as the main DPS and Burn applier. Plus Asta, she and Himeko fit together seamlessly. You can also use Fire Trailblazer as a shield and Silver Wolf debuff at the end.

    In addition to monotype teams, she allows you to bring certain elements of your character into battle where enemies are usually resistant to that element. For example, you can take Silver Wolf, Seele, and two Lightning characters to the boss to fight against Svarog. This way, Silver Wolf will always apply Quantum weakness to Svarog.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Best Team Build

    Damage Buff

    By my calculations, Silver Wolf increases my Seele’s damage against 20% Quantum RES enemies by about 48%. And the higher Quantum RES of the enemy, the higher the percentage of Silver Wolf’s damage increase to Seele.

    Because the higher Quantum RES, the less damage Seele will do to enemies. So when Silver Wolf applies Quantum debuff, it reduces the enemy’s Quantum RES to 0%. This also applies to every character of every damage type in the game. In short, she increases the damage done by your DPS units across the board.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Buff

    Complementary With Pela Skills

    Silver Wolf differs completely from other Nihility units. For example, Pela’s focus is to use her ult to debuff all enemies in the field. In fact, although Silver Wolf increases the damage of my Seele to a 20% Quantum RES target by 48%.

    But Pela can increase Seele’s damage to all 20% Quantum RES targets on the field by 43%. This means that Silver Wolf’s debuff is Single target, but has a higher rate smash defense than Pela’s debuff.

    As mentioned earlier, Silver Wolf also debuffs several areas and applies weaknesses, while Pela only debuffs defenses and increases energy regeneration. This makes Silver Wolf a formidable unit.

    Finally, Silver Wolf actually does a ton of damage. Don’t do that much damage like Pela, unless you put resources into her heart. It doesn’t mean she’s better than Pela or Pela is better than her. It just means that having a Silver Wolf will fill in the void for Pela’s debuff, and vice versa.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Gameplay Showcase

    Strategic Debuff Stacking

    Silver Wolf’s debuff ability opens up the possibility of strategic debuff stacking. By combining her debuffs with those of other characters on your team, you can create powerful synergies and enhance your overall debuffs on enemies. This strategic approach can significantly increase damage and improve the team’s overall effectiveness in combat.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Top Debuffer

    Meta Doesn’t Matter

    Honkai Star Rail is a PvE game where you can play as the character you want. Who cares how strong they are in Meta? Do you like Silver Wolf’s skills? Do you think she is cute? Do you like her animation and voice?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can try it out, regardless of what people are saying about her kit.

    You don’t need to compete with other players, as long as your team is strong enough to clear the game content. And Silver Wolf is definitely a powerful support in your team. Calling her will not let you down. So, get a Honkai Star Rail Account and try out this role.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf is Only a Must Pull if You Don't Have This

    Role Conception

    From her attire to her expressions, even her bubblegum. She might just be the coolest and cutest design in the game so far. You must definitely pull her if you want to own this divine design.

    Final Thoughts

    Here are 8 reasons why I summoned Silver Wolf. Keep in mind that her gear definitely has certain shortcomings, but in my opinion, she’s still a sympathetic character to work on.

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  • Diablo 4: Why Do You Need To Dive Into The Lore Before You Playing? - 5 Reasons

    Before you get Diablo 4 installed and ready to go, allow me to share five interesting reasons to dive headfirst into Diablo 4’s rich lore. Believe me, it’s worth it.

    If your curiosity is piqued, let’s dig into these reasons, unraveling them and discovering why they can make your trip to Sanctuary even more fascinating.

    Motivations And Decisions

    The first reason is to understand the characters’ motivations and decisions. Knowing their backstories is not just for filling in content and talking to NPCs, it’s an important way to understand their behavior and how the story develops next.

    Diablo 4: Characters’Motivations And Decisions

    Let’s take Lilith as an example. Once upon a time, an Artist made a promise never to hurt her. But she is stirring up all the trouble. We’re forced to run afoul of him before we even find her.

    There is currently no obvious answer. Just to unravel the layers of conspiracy. This is the magic of seduction. It turns gameplay into investigation, finding clues, adding a whole additional dimension to the game. So knowing knowledge is not just for trivia. It adds depth to characters, provides a context for their actions, and potentially even influences the decisions we make in the game.

    Understanding References

    I know I wouldn’t be on the side of binaries if I could, and a good way to make these informed decisions is uncovering references. This is where the lore transforms Diablo 4 from a game of massive clicks into an epic adventure filled with moments of surprise.

    Blizzard has a knack for filling their games with subtle uses of lore. For lovers of knowledge they are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

    Every discovery, every connection made adds a touch of satisfaction to your gaming experience as you learn about it. It’s like entering a secret world and makes the world of Diablo 4 feel more real and immersive.

    Diablo 4: Some Things To Know Before You Buy

    Gaining lore can help you appreciate game content, but it turns your gameplay into a scavenger hunt. Each references another gem to add to your collection. If you quickly level up during the game to open more treasure hunting locations. Perhaps you can try Diablo 4 Power Level Boosting service to help you speed up the upgrade process.

    Maximizing Value

    When you’re putting around 70 Diablo 4 Gold into a game, you want to squeeze every last drop of value out of it. I think the law is where value is found. Understanding the law isn’t just about enjoying the main storyline, it’s about uncovering a whole world of content waiting to be discovered.

    It’s like a key that opens many of the game’s locked doors, revealing more layers of the story. Have you ever noticed that some side quests seem to be irrelevant? But when you delve into the laws in the story, they seize on a whole new meaning.

    Also Read: 5 Tips You Need To Master When Diablo 4 Release Hits

    Or how in-game audio logs and gear descriptions often contain nuggets of law related to the larger story. This is no accident. It’s designed to enhance gameplay and provide a deeper, richer experience.

    So not only does the law add another depth to the game, it also prolongs the engagement. Instead of simply rushing to the endgame to get the best gear. You’ll find yourself spending more time exploring every corner of the world, enjoying movies, listening to audio logs and poring over each item’s description.

    Diablo 4: The Story of Sanctuary So Far

    Choosing A Class

    A fourth reason will affect your choice of class. Next thing you might be thinking, what does the law have to do with my choice to be a Barbarian or Sorcerer?

    Every class in Diablo has a backstory. A culture, a unique Sanctuary in the world. They’re not just a bunch of stats and abilities. They are characters with history and tradition. And Legal is where you’ll find all the useful information.

    Let’s take Barbarian as an example. They’re not just muscular Warriors who like to smash things. They gave their lives protecting Sacred Tobe in Mount Airy. Now these noble Warriors roam Earth, seeking redemption for what they perceive as failures. Now, isn’t that more appealing than simply choosing a character?

    The knowledge behind each class not only adds depth but also makes connections. You’re not just playing a character. It’s no longer about which character looks the coolest or has the best abilities, it’s about which story resonates with you the most.

    Diablo 4: Who is Lilith?

    It’s Awesome

    This ultimate stop on our journey into the importance of Diablo’s Law brings us to the heart of the matter, the story itself. The fifth reason, and perhaps the most interesting one, is simply because Diablo lore is so interesting. This is a narrative revealed in shades of gray, complex characters, intricate moral dilemmas and hard choices.

    Think about Norris and Lilith. They made decisions that would make most people think they were bad guys. But when you dig into their backstories, their motivations and intentions, things are not so clear.

    It’s not just about good and evil. It’s about the characters and their struggles or victories and losses. It’s about world-building where heroes can go down and villains can have noble intentions. So if deep, nuanced storytelling is your thing, getting to know God in depth before playing the game is not just a suggestion, it’s a must.

    Diablo 4: 5 Reasons to Dive Into the Lore Before Playing


    Five solid reasons why knowing the lore before playing Diablo 4 can significantly enhance the gaming experience and allow you to truly understand each character’s motivations and decisions.

    It provides background reference for the storyline throughout the game, maximizing your investment. It turns your gameplay into an epic adventure full of depth and discovery. It gives way to your classes choices, creating a connection between your ending and your character. Knowledge is not only power, it’s the key to unlocking unforgettable adventures.


    All in all, if you haven’t entered the game yet, you might as well get to know more about the background of Diablo 4’s story first. Perhaps this will make your Sanctuary adventure more exciting.

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  • Elden Ring: Top 10 Best Weapons In Patch 1.09.1 - PVP & PVE

    Today we’re diving into the hot topic of the most powerful weapon in Elden Ring. Elden Ring patch 1.09.1 brings some changes to the game.

    Many weapons types have been buffed or nerfed. And for some specific weapons, Ashes of War skill has been greatly improved. So here I am going to take you on a tour of the 10 most powerful weapons in Elden Ring patch 1.09.1.

    Elden Ring: Top 10 Best Weapons for PvP & PvE 1.09.1

    1. Death’s Poker

    Death’s Poker has tons of explosions. But it has to be set upright to unleash insane damage. But trust me, it’s totally worth the effort. This weapon received a major upgrade in patch 1.09.1. They increased its speed, range, and recovery time to make it even more powerful.

    In PvP, he surprises unsuspecting opponents as if the explosion couldn’t hit them. They weren’t ready for those Lightning Strikes. I think the community completely underestimated this weapon, despite its potential. If they had seriously buffed the weapon, it would have felt more satisfying to use.

    Elden Ring: Death’s Poker

    2. Reduvia

    Reduvia has been made faster, with better range and recovery. It can build up bleed like any other weapon. Its attack speed in power stance is so fast that it can deal 30k damage in just a few seconds.

    Its Ash of War has also been upgraded. It acts like a shotgun when used at close range, dealing bleed damage to enemies. At medium range, you still get a nice bleed boost to make up for the range that daggers rarely have.

    Reduvia is undoubtedly one of the best weapons in Elden Ring. It’s a bleed machine, the ultimate source of bleed damage.

    Elden Ring: Reduvia

    3. Bloodhound’s Fang

    Bloodhound’s Fang is pretty much the best early Elden Ring weapon. It now gets some major improvements in speed, range, and recovery time for various attacks.

    Many players consider this to be their weapon of choice throughout their first playthrough. You can apply buffs to it, it has inherent bleed damage, and its movement gear has been upgraded. So, for all those who like to use this weapon as their primary tool, whether in PvE or PvP, it’s perfect.

    Elden Ring: Bloodhound’s Fang

    4. Bloodhound Claws

    These Claws got a huge buff in the latest patch, taking their damage to new heights! Whether you are in PVP or PVE combat, you will inevitably encounter shielded enemies.

    And Bloodhound Claws can easily slice through shields. These Claws come with Bloodhound’s Step ability, which allows you to dodge lightning by being briefly invisible.

    In addition, these Claws have an inborn accumulation of bleeding. This means you can shave off an enemy’s health while slashing their defense. If you want to boost the damage, you can enhance them with spells and consumables. So Elden Ring Runes is essential. But you can get 5% off at with the code “CSCCA”. Hurry up and try it.

    Elden Ring: Bloodhound Claws

    5. Black Knife

    Black Knife is a weapon you absolutely want to get in the mid to late game. Mainly because it can deal with some serious damage to enemies with its physical and Holy power Slashing and Piercing attacks.

    It has a skill called Blade of Death. Not only does it reduce the target’s max health, but it also keeps dealing damage over time. That’s why it’s a boss killer in PVE.

    Since bosses usually have a lot of health, just one hit with Ashes of War Skill will reduce the target’s HP by 10% for 15 seconds. This means defeating bosses is a breeze.

    All in all, Black Knife is a powerful and must-have weapon. It has the wicked Blade of Death skill and has the potential to rip through bosses like anyone.

    Elden Ring: How to Get the Black Knife?

    6. Marais Executioner’s Sword

    Marais Executioner’s Sword is an outstanding two-handed weapon that packs physical and magical damage.

    In the latest patch, the weapon got some major upgrades. They tweaked the scale values, increasing its speed, attack range, and cooldown. But what’s really worth noting is Eochaid’s Dancing Blade skill.

    With each spin, the weapon delivers a devastating blow, wiping out enemies in an instant. So, if you’re looking for a truly powerful weapon in Elden Ring, look no further than Marais Executioner’s Sword.

    Elden Ring: How To Get Marais Executioner's Sword?

    7. Scavenger’s Curved Sword

    Despite endless bleed nerfs to the game every patch, Scavenger’s Curved Sword is still the number one build of any bleed. This weapon can do a ton of damage if you set up your build correctly.

    It causes enemies to bleed with almost every attack. If you use Ash of War Seppuku on it, it will give you more physical damage and blood loss.

    The downside to this weapon, though, is that, as a Curved Sword, you won’t get the sort of satisfying stun effect you’d find with a larger weapon.

    Elden Ring: Where To Get Scavenger's Curved Sword?

    8. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

    In Elden Ring patch 1.09, Morgott’s Cursed Sword got a useful update. It not only has increased attack speed but also has a longer range and faster cooldown. It went from a simple weapon to a deadly one.

    These changes make it even more deadly in combat. And Cursed-Blood has a quicker proc, making this weapon even more dangerous. This buff is insane. Therefore, they had to reduce its effect on Stamina in the patch 1.09.1 update.

    Elden Ring: How to get Morgott's Cursed Sword?

    9. Dark Moon Greatsword

    There are many reasons why this weapon is amazing. When you attack enemies, you can get a satisfying stagger effect. In the new patch, it got a speed boost, increased range, animation cooldowns, and the weapon’s stat scaling values were changed.

    In some cases, Frost is even better than Bleed. As it reduces their health, it also increases the damage they take by 20% for 30 seconds.

    Also Read: How To Build The Best Sword Of Night And Flame In Elden Ring? - Intelligence & Faith Build

    The main reason why Dark Moon Greatsword is so powerful is because of its Ash of War. When you enhance a weapon with a Moonlight Greatsword, it grants an additional 65 Magic damage and 15 Frost buildup. Your heavy hits turn into powerful projectiles with moderate range and a wide area of effect, and only cost 32 mana.

    The only downside is the apportioned damage of its Magic. But honestly, considering all the amazing features of this weapon, this small drawback doesn’t really matter.

    Elden Ring: Moonlight Greatsword

    10. Blasphemous Blade

    Blasphemous Blade is arguably the best weapon in the game. In patch 1.09.1, it’s even better than before, with increased speed, range, and recovery time.

    It’s the best weapon overall for a reason because of all the amazing features it has. It is a weapon that deals damage over time and provides lifesteal on kill. It also has both fire and physical damage, which is absolutely incredible.

    Ash of War is one of the best moves in the game, with incredible range and wide coverage. It knocks people out in PvP while dealing massive damage and piercing through targets, allowing you to hit multiple targets at once.

    Elden Ring: Blasphemous Blade

    It shines in almost every build, especially in PvE. It’s simply the most powerful and versatile weapon, and it keeps getting better for a reason.

    All in all, these weapons have undergone nerfs and changes even in the new patch 1.09.1. But their powerful abilities are still worth your try.

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